How To Rescue Your Marriage: Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

I am well aware of the types of situations that lead up to this question. This is often not a very fun situation to be in. I have been the wife who wanted to hold up the divorce, who wanted to change my husband's made up mind, and who was willing to pull out all of the stops to get his attention. I understand how immediate this feels. It's a lonely place to be because you feel as though you're the only one who really cares any more.

Still, I do know from experience that it's possible to turn this situation around. However, in my experience, it often requires you to step off the edge and take a leap of faith. Sometimes, you have to step back from your thoughts and inclinations and carry out a plan rather than giving in to the impulses and insecurities that will often steer you wrong. I will discuss this more in the following article.

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The Things That Are Least Likely To Save Your Marriage When Your Spouse Wants To End It: In my experience, the things that work the least are the things that feel like the right thing to do at the time. These are the times when you let your emotions and your fears take over and and the times when you are overly emotional and are willing to say or do anything to get them to consider working with you to save the marriage. And, although these actions may flow naturally and maybe offer a bit of emotional relief, they are often the wrong way to go.

The reason for this is that they will often contribute to your being perceived even more negatively and this will likely reinforce their desire to go forward in the divorce. You do not want to create a situation where they think that you are an obstacle to them getting what they want. You want to set it up so that you are part of the picture that they want. Begging, calling too much, using legal tactics to stall the process, and arguing with them are all things that contribute to weakening your position rather than strengthening it.

I know from experience that stopping yourself from giving into the temptation to act on your emotions is much easier said than done. There were times when I would hear myself being so needy and emotionally vulnerable and the little voice in the back of my head would be saying "what are you doing? Look at his face. You're only making this so much worse for yourself." And yet, although I knew that these thoughts were absolutely true, I seemed unable to stop my actions at the time, even though I knew that I was only making the situation worse.

Sometimes, it can really help to put a pause or some space in between the two of you. My situation did not really improve until I went back to my hometown to visit friends. This forced me to stop calling, texting, and making a pest of myself. Yes, I could tell my husband that I just wanted for him to be happy and that I had my own life to live, but every time we were together, my emotions and expressions gave me away. It wasn't until I was away and I was forced to stop my behaviors that I begin to see him becoming more receptive to me.

Once I saw that the distance and the calm was working, it was much easier to keep it up. It took me way to long to learn that when something is not readily available and easy to achieve, it is perceived to be much more precious and valuable. This is as true in personal relationships as it is in material possessions.

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The Keys To Getting Your Spouse To Cooperate With You In Saving The Marriage Rather Than Going Through With the Divorce: In my experience (and later research confirms this) there are really two things that you need to overcome to get your spouse on board and on the same page. First, you need to overcome the negative perceptions (about you and the relationship) that they likely have. It's quite probable that they believe that their life is better without you in it. Obviously, in the weeks and months ahead, they will need to change their mind about this.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to getting them to want to save the marriage is the perception that your efforts are going to be in vain. I can not tell you how many people tell me that they still love their spouses, but that, in spite of this, they really do believe that every thing has been tried and it's time that you admit defeat and accept the fact that you've failed and then to move on. It's very much in your best interest to (and in a positive way) show them that things can change and that this change can be lasting and genuine.

There are many ways to do this, but they often require building a gradual foundation. They are bound to look at your claims and new ways of acting with a bit of suspicion. But, often if you continue to act positively (without clinging) and wait them out, they will begin to at least become curious. They will sometimes want to know what brought about these changes and they will want to spend at least some time together to see if these things are genuine. This is where you opportunity lies. And, each time you get the opportunity, you must capitalize on it so that it leads to yet another shared experience.

As you probably can already see, this is a process that doesn't always happen immediately, but this is not the end of the world. Because lasting change that they can believe in, that is going to make them begin to believe that your marriage can actually change so that it is fulfilling to both of you, is going to take some time. And as this gradual shift takes place, you can begin to show them the laughing, upbeat person that they fell in love with in the first place. Going this way is so much better than arguing with them or trying to thwart them with legal tactics.

After all, who wants a reconciliation that isn't heart felt? I'm sure that you, like I, wanted your spouse back in a healthy and lasting way. You want them to want to be with you because it is a choice that they made and not because they only decided to "give in."

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Is your marriage at the brink of falling apart? Do you want to fix your marital problem but do not know where to begin? Do you want to start over again and set everything at the right path? Then you need to fire proof your marriage this time around.

Marriage is one of the most wonderful things in life, however many couples cannot handle the responsibilities that it entails. The pressures and high expectations from each other can be really too stressful, which may result in suffocating each other. When such thing happens, your marriage might fall apart if you are not able to settle it immediately.

There are many ways on how to effectively fire proof your marriage. The following are various approaches that you and your partner can apply to prevent losing your marriage.

1. Acknowledge your Mistakes: You cannot begin to fire proof your marriage if none of you will be humble enough to acknowledge your mistakes that have pushed your marriage to the verge of falling apart. If you are able to point out the wrong decisions and actions you have done in your relationship, then you will have a guide where to start picking up the fragments of the broken love and enable you to come to a conclusion as to how you can correct the mistakes.

2. Be Optimistic: A good way to fire proof your marriage is by keeping a positive attitude toward the recovery of your relationship. The process of healing might not be easy for the both of you but rebuilding your marriage is possible if you believe in each other. When you think of a positive future for your marriage then there is no other way for both of you but to lead the path to success and total healing.

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3. Learn to Forgive: The trials and situation that you have been through are painful and might inflict deep pain in your heart but you should learn to forgive each other and then move forward hand in hand with your partner for a new journey that will set things right this time. Learning to forgive and focusing on the goal of rehabilitating your marriage and trusting your partner again can greatly help to effectively fire proof your marriage from the bigger challenges that you will be facing.

4. Maintain Constant Communication: Keeping a good communication with your partner will help you to understand each other's feeling and thoughts. Knowing how you and your partner feel and perceive things will help in understanding each other more and will enable you to adjust to each other's needs. Remember that when you fire proof your marriage from divorce, you have to work as one.

5. Keep the Love Alive: If you want to successfully fire proof your marriage you have to keep love and affection on top of your list. You do not need grand vacations or expensive gifts to show how much you love your partner. Simple things such as sweet note on the bedside table in the morning or simple "I love you" will assure your partner he owns a big part of your heart. These gestures might just be simple but these can be touching memories that you can both treasure forever.

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Are you tired on unending anger, quarrel and tension? Has your marriage been on the edge of destruction? Has it ever come to you to end your marriage? Or do you want to save your marriage and make it happier and stronger than before? If you are looking for answers on how to save marriages, you have come to the right place.

For most people, divorce is the ultimate answer for all miseries associated with marriage. There are many factors why couple fight ending up in divorce. The statistics of divorce in the US alone show that divorce cases are not going down but up. This is the reason why you will find a lot of sites and books on how to save marriages.

Another reason why there are many people who launch sites and publish books and articles on how to save marriages is that many couples are not guided accordingly. Many couples failed to consult expert opinions or marriage counseling. The most common reason is they are ashamed for people to know what they are fighting over with.

As a couple both of you must remember what you have promised to each other when you got married. The exchange of vows is a sacred ceremony that both of you must give importance. Divorce is something to think of as a last resort. Besides, when you talk about divorce you will be forced to talk about the mistakes of your partner.

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Talking about the mistakes of your partner with a third party would only aggravate your situation. Instead of coming up with a solution, you will just make things between you worse. Below are some good tips that teach you how to save marriages.

• Encourage Your Partner to Talk

Usually, only one will be willing to save a marriage. If you really want to save your marriage you should encourage your partner to talk. Set a schedule together and talk things over. Share how you feel about your situation and listen to your partner on what he/she has to say.

Talk about things that you always have a fight over with. Is it about money? Is it about jealousy? Is it about your partner's habit? Is it about how your partner looks? Talk about these problems and be open to change. This tip has been an effective way on how to save marriages.

• Make Your Spouse Your Priority

As you get so busy with your work, kids and personal life you tend to easily forget your spouse. Your priority changes and this can affect on how you treat your spouse. To be able to save your marriage, you must put your spouse on your top priority. Always have time for your partner and let him/her feel that you are always thinking and taking care of him/her.

Divorce is not really an option. Couples must learn to take some time seeking help and guidance on how to save marriages. There are many marriage counselors ready to extend a helping hand just to save marriages from destruction. Before considering a divorce, think first and try the simple tips you have just learned. If the tips are not enough, seek marriage counselors.

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Going through a rough time with your marriage nowadays? Have you been in a fight with your partner again for the third time today? Do you feel that you are already losing your partner and your relationship and there is nothing more you can do about it? You are not alone in this type of situation as there are other married couples who are also struggling with their marriages nowadays and needing help.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Problems will always occur every now and then or sometimes all at once. Even couples who have been married for years still suffer problems as much as newlyweds do. You can however make your marriage last by following some advice for married couples in order for the marriage to cope up with problems.

Tip #1: Value Communication: A good advice for married couples is to value the importance of communication to better understand each other. Many marriages fail because of the lack of communication. Couples sometimes fail to see that all it takes is communication to be able to address issues and problems within the marriage. Call your partner often or send sweet text messages when away from each other.

Tip #2: Treat Misunderstandings Seriously: A misunderstanding even if only a minor one can go out of hand if not addressed right away. One good advice for married couples is to treat misunderstandings seriously. As much as possible never let a misunderstanding go unresolved for more than a day. Talk it over with your partner. Know when to say the word sorry is another good advice for married couples. If you are really sincere in patching things up then saying sorry is the right thing to do.

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Tip #3: Create Special Moments: Another effective advice for married couples is to create special moments such as going on dates once in a while. The date need not be in a fancy restaurant. You can transform a simple dinner to something special by preparing your partner's favorite dish and serving it in a special way. You can also go on a picnic for a change. Another good idea is to treat your partner to a game of his/her favorite team or a pass to a concert of his/her favorite music artist. Going on a holiday or vacation can also help.

Tip #4: Always keep the Passion Alive: Passion is important in a marriage. A good advice for married couples is to make sure that the passion is always there and alive. Always make yourself desirable and always aim to look good.

Tip #5: Respect Each Other: Another sound advice for married couples is to respect each other. Respect is important for a relationship to last. Many relationships break up because respect is abused and taken for granted.

Married life can be a blissful one if the couples will try to make an effort to make the relationship work. Marriage is a partnership and therefore both the husband and the wife are responsible in making the relationship last.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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