How to save money by using a VPN: the things you have never heard about

"Big Brother is watching you" is not just a motto from the Orwell's book but an everyday reality. Nowadays even a teenager knows that our online activity is far from being private. What sites we visit, what people we talk to when online, what requests we type in a search line, how long we are on the Internet can be seen through the length and breadth. Yes, PRIVACY IS ESSENTIAL. But do you know that a Virtual Private Network that almost everybody knows about, can help you to pay less for various stuff when you rest, work or travel?

Netflix subscription will worth its price

The content of some streaming services is geo-restricted. So, the list of available serials will be different depending on where you are. Thus, the US and Canada residents are the sons of white hen having the largest library of the content at their disposal. The citizens of such countries as Morocco or Albania are least fortunate. They can enjoy only 4% of the provided video content.

Some people find this unfair. Especially given the fact that the subscription costs the same regardless of your location. A VPN can help you pretend that you are the US resident and get access to all the movies and serials that the streaming service provides. It spoofs your IP and changes it to an address of one of its servers. So nobody (except your VPN provider) knows that you are watching online.

However, Netflix has an advanced system that identifies those who use a proxy or a VPN. So, not many providers are able to open access to the full catalog of Netflix content that only US and Canada residents are lucky to have.

Save on news websites subscriptions by using a VPN

Certain news sites allow their readers to enjoy not more than several articles per day or month for free. By using a VPN (a proxy is good as well), you can spoof your IP address changing it to another one. It gives you an opportunity to get another portion of articles. You are free to do this as many times as you like.

If you decided to use a built-in proxy instead of a VPN, you have to know one thing, then. The only thing a proxy is good for is changing your IP address. It neither encrypts your bandwidth nor protects you against cyber attacks.

Pay less for Microsoft products

It is no secret that prices for Microsoft products vary from country to country. The fact is that the Microsoft pricing policy based on the principle of local medium income. So, the poorer the country, the lower is the price. In order to save on Microsoft products, just connect to a VPN server of any poor country, India, for example.

A VPN helps you fly cheaper

If you are an experienced traveler, you probably know that the same flight tickets cost differently depending on where and when you buy them. This method of saving may take time due to selection by trial and error but it definitely worth it. If you are lucky, you can buy tickets with no surcharges!

Rent cars cheaper with a VPN

When it comes to car rental, it goes the same with flight tickets. Some services offer different prices depending on the place where you are making a reservation. Just compare the prices connecting to various VPN servers and you will be surprised how the prices vary enormously.
Use a VPN to prolong your antivirus free trial
You can use a VPN to prolong an antivirus free trial just having changed your IP address and pretending to be someone else. Moreover, you can get a refund for your VPN if you have already bought it. Some providers offer this opportunity to their users.

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