How to Save Your Marriage After a Job Loss: My Wife / husband is Leaving Because I Lost My Job - Helping Marriage Survive Unemployment

One major challenge your once happy marriage will face as you journey through it is a job loss. How to save your marriage after a job loss is one major issue that is likely to confront most couples and this issue has become so apparent now with the rising unemployment rate globally following the current economic meltdown.

However, if you are someone with a strong character, you must be willing to learn techniques to help save your marriage after a job loss.

I have seen once happy marriages breaking up after one of the spouses is affected by a job loss. It is even worse when the woman is the breadwinner. Most men will virtually take to evil vices like drunkenness, smoking and other health-damaging pastimes.

If you are a woman and your husband is out of job, you must quickly adjust and play the perfect role of the virtuous woman in Proverb 31. Take the time to read Proverbs 31 and learn how to behave at all times.

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It is a fact that some women take to prostitution or gambling to be able to eke out a living to support the home. What do you expect from a husband who finds out your new way of life? Lack of respect and divorce will follow.

You can save your marriage after a job loss by being supportive, understanding and caring. Once you are able to support your spouse during the period of a crisis, you will be able to save your marriage. Your husband may become emotionally attached to the other woman that takes advantage of his job loss to provide some extra cash to him just to be able to gratify her sexual desires. Your wife may begin to have secret affairs with the man that pretends to love her once she can give sex for money. This is the time you must develop thick skin to resist all forms of temptation.

Sound communication will help you save your marriage after a job loss. Do not hide your feelings from your spouse. Do not become moody and refuse to talk to your spouse. Effective communication will help bring out the strong and weak points in your talents that could be harnessed to start and build a thriving business. There are couples who have resolved to take the bull on the throat and today have conquered failure and are presently very happy with the success they have made of their marriage.

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Almost every couples will face some problems in their marriage, it all voices down how couples handle and keep their relationship intact. When you begin to feel some distance from your spouse, you might also start to wonder if your marriage falling apart. Recognizing the signs of troubles can help to save your marriage before it is too late.

When a marriage is starting to fall apart, a breakdown in the communication is the first sign to see. You probably will have lesser communication with your spouse, thinking that it is not necessary to discuss about anything. There are also couples that fight almost every day the moment they start talking. They can quarrel over the slightest issues. If you are facing communication breakdown, please address this issue immediately so that it won't cause more problems.

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Your marriage is also falling apart if both of you are not spending enough quality time together. Most couples will try to spend as much time together as possible. If you and your spouse are not making time for each other, your marriage may be in trouble. When you want to spend quality time together, it does not necessary mean that both of you have to spend big amount going posh restaurants to have that kind of romance created. Making little effort by spending some time together, like hugging and gazing each other on the bed before going to sleep can also be a good way to build the bonding in your relationship.

Another way for keeping your marriage together is not to place all the blame on your spouse when there are problems in your marriage. Try to find out and understand what went wrong in your relationship. Recognize what can be done and when it comes to saving a marriage, it is important to learn about forgiving and leaving the past behind.

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Understanding how to prevent divorce can mean the difference between a happy future with your family connected and together and one full of pain and confusion. Many couples face challenges at some point during their marriage and the notion of divorce sometimes enters their thoughts. If you and your spouse are finding yourselves drifting farther and farther apart emotionally, but you still love and need them, there is help for you. There are some crucial steps you need to take right now if you want to save your marriage and rebuild it into the loving, strong relationship it once was.

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One important step you need to take to prevent divorce is to open up the lines of communication with your spouse again. One reason many couples find themselves struggling in their relationship is they've let their problems get the better of them. If you don't feel you have a sympathetic and understanding ear in your spouse it can be impossible to open up to them to discuss what's bothering you. You'll never find a solution if this is the case. You and your spouse need to start hearing one another. Make a pact that you'll set aside some time to listen to one another. You have to be willing to just listen, and to not try and control the conversation. Let your spouse speak and when they're finished share your thoughts. Then you need to be able to do the same thing. In many marriages, each partner has no idea what the other is thinking and feeling. This can lead to bottled up resentment that will undermine the marriage.

You've also got to start treating your spouse the way you did early in your marriage. We all get preoccupied with the demands of everyday life including raising our children, juggling our careers and worrying about finances. If your marriage has been pushed to the backburner because of this, you need to focus some time on it now. Make an effort to set aside time each day for you and your spouse. It may mean getting up a bit early so you two can have a quiet breakfast together or giving up watching your favorite television program in the evenings so you can use that time to focus on each other. Make your spouse your number one priority and ensure they feel that they are. This, in itself, will go a long way towards repairing a crumbling marriage.

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Many of us who have fought to save our marriages have hoped for nothing more than for our spouses to change their mind about the separation or divorce. We figure that all he needs to do is make a conscious decision that he does not want to end the marriage and all will be right with the world once again. However, the idea of this for the spouse pursuing the separation or divorce can be a dilemma that is not so easy to sort out. Spouses who have pursued a divorce and then changed their minds wonder if calling it off is even feasible, and, assuming it is, does that mean it's the right call?

A wife facing this dilemma might describe this way. "My husband went back to his home town for a bachelor party and this started all kinds of trouble that has changed all of our lives. I didn't want him to go. The guy who was getting married is just bad news and I had a bad feeling about the whole thing. However, we couldn't afford for our whole family to go. My husband assured me that he would be responsible if he went alone. My gut was telling me not to let him go. But I did. Honestly, I was most afraid of him getting drunk and cheating. But one of his friends texted me a photo of him driving with a beer in his hand. I was absolutely livid. He is a father. And he was drinking and driving. My husband assured me that he had an explanation for this. He said he was just holding the beer as a joke. He admitted that he was in poor taste but insists he did nothing wrong. I don't buy this. And I immediately filed for divorce. That was about three weeks ago. A couple of days ago, my husband's friend who took the picture called me and said that the photo was a gag just to mess with my head and that my husband didn't do anything wrong. He said that I would be crazy to tear apart my family over a photo that was a joke. I told the friend that it wasn't just about the photo. It was about the fact that I don't always think that my husband acts responsibly as a father and family man should. The friend repeated that I was being crazy and that I needed to reconsider. I was angry about this at first. But then I started to think about it. And if the picture really wasn't indicative of my husband drinking and driving, then maybe I want to rethink my divorce. Can I change my mind? And if I did, would my husband take my request that he act more responsibly seriously?"

Anyone can change their mind. People change their minds about divorce all of the time. This article isn't going to focus on the legal issues. I am not an attorney. But I'd highly suggest that you direct this question to yours. I know people who have asked their attorney to dismiss their divorce case. But again you should ask your own attorney what it would take to back out of the divorce.

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As far as how seriously your husband will take you, I think the key is to make it clear that your calling off the divorce is contingent on him showing you that he is committed to acting responsibly without any exceptions. It wasn't clear if this was a long standing issue between the couple or if the bachelor party incident was the main rift between them.

If this was a long standing problem (and I would suspect it was since this definitely pushed a button with the wife,) it's important that you don't just gloss over it. If you do, it will likely present itself at a later time and perhaps in another way. And, as a result, you might be right back where you are right now. I would suggest being very clear about what kind of behavior you will not accept and making your expectations clear.

But yes, people change their mind about a divorce all of the time. This is true even when they have filed already. This can even be true when they are far along in the divorce process.

The truth is, a divorce is a very big, life altering decision. Many people file for divorce in anger and in haste. But then they calm down or they gain perspective and they realize that perhaps this is not the right thing for them, at least for today. Many decide that perhaps they should at least try to fix their marriage before they take so drastic a step. So they postpone the divorce and they reevaluate.

So yes, they do change their minds. I don't think there is any shame in it. In fact, I think it's much preferable to change your mind and then make whatever changes need to occur in your marriage than to go ahead and divorce and perhaps regret it and pay for that decision for the rest of your life.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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