People need information for subjects they either are concerned about like health, career, fashion, study or they want to reach to a conclusion like whether or not buy a certain product or service. In this regard internet has made it very easy for people to search for whatever information they want. But there is a problem, not all people are aware of searching the right information on internet because there are so many informational websites present over the World Wide Web. So distinguishing the best from the rest is one hell of a work for people who only want precise information and not the crap written in an unprofessional manner.

Hence this article is for you if you are in search of only informational website like Guru Pendidikan where information is available in the exact way it should be. The things which distinguishes authentic informational websites from the crap one is in-depth analysis of the subject and professional writing. So here we will help you find only the best informational website that you are looking for a purpose.

Search with Right Keywords: This is one technique that is very handy. Search engines like Google shows results based on keywords you type as query. Hence you must be very precise with your keywords. Like if you want to search for legal advice then your keywords must contain “legal advice” keyword along with a suffix or prefix like “marriage” or “insolvency” or “property” or “Contoh Surat Kuasa”. This way the search engine will understand what actually you are looking for and will show up most relevant results. This is the Golden rule of searching for the best informational website to gain knowledge.

Check Reviews on Social Media: Now that you have understood how to search its time to further check the authenticity of the website. Today each website has its social media pages which people follow. So you can use this medium as an effective way to know whether the informational website is genuine or not. On social media you can evaluate the website on the basis of number of followers, user engagement, comments on post etc. This will help you get an idea that the website is genuine because there are so many people like you who are following the website to get the information they need.

Check for Regular Updates: Another great way to know whether the website is authentic is to look for the frequency of post and update. Websites that are authentic never run short of updating in-depth analysis articles for their users. So whether you are looking for health, career, education, Tabel Periodik, fashion, exams information and you notice that the website publish article on daily basis then you are at the right place.

Evaluate Each Post: You can further make sure the authenticity of the website by evaluating every post on the website. Genuine websites doesn’t just post crap because it directly hampers their reputation. Each article or piece of information that is posted on website is very well written covering all the aspect of the topic and to make sure that the reader gets in-depth knowledge and learns something new.

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