We are a privately owned corporately managed commercial cleaning services provider. We offer a broad-range of quality contract cleaning services throughout London including commercial office cleaning London for businesses of all sizes at competitive rates. At Universal office cleaning company we take the time to understand each of our client’s needs is order to ensure that they receive the best possible bespoke cleaning services for their premises. Our commercial and office cleaners London are well trained, fully insured, DBS check and supported by a team of local knowledgeable and experienced operational managers.

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If you’ve ever tried to clean a commercial workplace by yourself then you’ll know that it is a difficult and demanding task and it can end up looking ‘not quite right’. This is because despite your best efforts it is still missing the professional touch. So, if you are thinking about hiring professional cleaning services but haven’t quite made up your mind yet, these 5 reasons should convince you that it’s really worth it! All businesses can see astonishing results and will notice many benefits when they hire a professional cleaning provider.


A professional provider will be aware of all of the major innovations and developments in the cleaning industry. They have invested their resource into finding the absolute best cleaning materials and equipment available on the market. They should have a wide range of supplies and specific tools and cleaning products for every job.They will know when and where to use each tool and will use these to deliver impeccable and high-quality cleaning results.


A commercial cleaning company will have a pool of highly trained and skilled staff. The employees be professional and have attended many hours of training. They will have the unique training to clean all commercial environments and will do be able to deliver cleaning results efficiently. All of their staff should also be security vetted and background checked so that you are confident that they are hiring only the best teams of people.


When it comes to environmental care, the cleaning industry has made great strides in recent years. A reputable cleaning company will be committed to ensuring that their products are as environmentally friendly as possible. They will have environmentally friendly solutions that that are safe for both the environment and of course the people in contact with them.


Professional cleaning companies will be eager to please their clients and will listen to your requirement closely. They will work alongside you ensuring that they devise a cleaning schedule that suits your business. They should be flexible and ready to work inside or outside of your business hours and should be able to mobilise their teams if extra work becomes a requirement. They will also remain adaptable and will change their schedule to suit business needs.


The most noticeable overall benefit to your business will be the physical transformation. You will be surprised at just how much of a difference a professional cleaning services provider can make to the look of your business. Your business will be gleaming and will become a very welcoming environment. With their professionally trained staff, superior work and fast response times you should be 100% satisfied with the look of your business. A superior cleaning routine like this leaves a great impression every single time.

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