1. Taking full knowledge- Before start trading in Forex, need to have a proper knowledge of it for this we should read books which are based on forex. For example, “Forex Trading for Maximum Profit: The Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street” by Raghee Horner is very good for the beginner. Anyway, this author is my personal choice, you are free to look for something you like. There are many books are available at the online store

2. Reading Fx blogs- You can read many blogs which are easily available online and could gain knowledge through it.

3. Making strategy- Making out a trading strategy or taking an already working one (find it on the Internet), test it and see how it works. Try to master it. But don’t go away from its rules (if you haven’t changed the rules, of course).

4. select broker- Also, keep in mind that the trading platform that you provide it encourages your trading style. While choosing a broker, it is important that the broker who gives you trading platforms also allows you to analyze according to your needs.

5. Practice- always start with a Demo account, many of the brokers offer free demo account you should try that first. In fact, you can get many accounts from different brokers to evaluate them and find the best one. After that, you can start the trading with real money, decide your strategies, and start making money!

6. Positive Attitude-. You’ll have to make all your decisions logically and automatically. After some time, when you’ll be veteran enough, you should feel the ground. Meet your losses and wins not as something outstanding, but as a lesson. you can face many ups and down in trading, Emotions can harm, but if you change your attitude, you’ll notice that things go smoother. Psychology plays a huge role here and you’ll have to break your emotions to be a real trader and never change your attitude. And only practice will help you to succeed.

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