What is Forex Trading?

FOREX Trading or better known as the Foreign Exchange (Foreign Exchange) is a type of trading transactions that a country's currency against the currencies of other countries that involve major financial markets in the world for 24 hours continuously. Because of their level of liquidity and price movement of a high acceleration, Forex market has become the most popular market because the ROI (Return Of Investment) and earn profit could be exceed the average trade in general (usually mean- average return is about more than 5% - 10% per month, though it could reach more than 100% per month for professional traders).

What currencies are traded?

There are many currencies in the world which have high selling power. Example: US Dollar, Yen, Euro, Franc, Pound Sterling (GBP / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF) and others.

How to start trading in forex?

The first step to start trading in forex market is to open an account with the help of forex Broker. Brokers usually give a demo account to the investors to test their trading system and trading facilities, they provide a trading platform where we can start practicing to buying and selling currencies.
The most important thing in Forex trading is to understand the forex platforms, as they are the directly connected to the financial and forex markets. They are the software you use to place your orders, watch the market prices and also place transactions.
Looking for signals and interpreting whether to buy or sell the currency you would be sitting at the computer screen.there are some tools which are used to start trading-
• Smartphone or computer
• Forex Broker
• Trading software (platform) usually made available by the broker
• Trading capital
• Reliable internet connection

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