How To Survive A Terrible Marriage: Steps To Repair A Marriage

For some time now, you've sensed something wasn't quite right with your marriage. You weren't always arguing, though, and life was pretty close to normal. All of a sudden, your spouse wants a divorce - how can this be? You're left with trying to find help for a broken marriage. Your marriage can be saved, and it can be as good as it once was.

After being married for a while, the niceness and politeness seems to disappear from a marriage. The two of you just get comfortable with each other, believing that you will always be together - after all, you are married.

This kind of thinking quickly leads to broken marriages. Couples have to remember to take care of each other - be nice to each other. Simple things such as saying 'thank you', or telling your spouse that they look nice, etc. is very important in a marriage.

Just because you're married doesn't mean that you or your spouse don't need to feel wanted anymore.

Do you remember when you were dating each other? The things you said to each other, the stories you've shared. The way you talked. This HAS to stay in your marriage. Sure - the newness has worn off, and the fireworks are over. But does it HAVE to be that way? Absolutely not!

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Talk to each other again. Tell each other your worries and your joys. Talk about what is bothering you. Talk while you're in the car, or watching tv, or over dinner.

Don't fall into the life trap - too much work, not enough time. This will take all of your time away from your spouse, and marriages just can't handle that.

When you have a broken marriage, you both need to make time for each other. If that time can be only a little bit, that's ok. You need to show each other that you are still there for each other - you haven't forgotten each other.

Intimacy also needs to be kept alive in a marriage. Humans need physical touch, as well as emotional support, to survive. That's a proven fact. If you don't have time, or are too tired, you have to make time. A slight touch or hug will work wonders, if you haven't had any physical contact for a while.

You will start to feel the two of you connecting again. The admiration and closeness will come back. The happiest couples are the ones who do have problems in their marriage, but learn how to fix them. It's not that hard - and you both deserve to be happy in your marriage.

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A lot of people give up way too easily in their marriage and then later on regret their decision to get a divorce. But how can you stop a divorce and regain the love between you and your partner?

It won't happen overnight, but if you can stay committed to your marriage and work through the problems your having then you will have a shot at stopping any divorce that might be in the making. Take a look at 4 steps you can take to stop a divorce before its too late.

1. Acknowledgment: Your marriage is on the brink of falling victim to a divorce because of the problems in your marriage. In order to stop a divorce you are going to have to acknowledge these problems your marriage is having. Once you acknowledge and identify the problems in your marriage you can begin fixing them and rebuilding your relationship with your spouse.

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2. Honesty: This is the time to come clean and be honest about anything your keeping from your spouse. If your spouse continues to believe your lying to them then your marriage will have no chance at being saved.

3. Take Things Overtime: If your marriage is about to go into a divorce then this means your marriage has fell apart. Things aren't going to return to the way they were overnight so just take your time and rebuild the relationship in your marriage. When your rebuilding your marriage you are basically starting over from scratch so you are going to have to get to know your spouse all over again.

4. Seek Counseling: Seeking the help of a professional counselor will provide you with a plan of action you can follow to get your marriage back on the right track.

Repairing a marriage takes time so just be patient. These are 4 steps you can begin taking to stop any divorce that is in the process.

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First things first, your relationship with your spouse should be cultivated everyday. You and your spouse need to do everything you can to keep the love between you guys alive. To overcome adversity in life that threatens your marriage, you need to fight it as if your fighting for your life. Make sure you avoid doing these things below if you want a harmonious, thriving, satisfying and loving marriage.

1. Overcommitment to Extracurricular Activities and Stress

Although it's not impossible (many busy people can still have a thriving marriage) but extensive and stressful activities outside your marriage can deteriorate your relationship with your spouse. Young couples, especially, have a difficult time balancing school, children, starting a business, renovating a house, and work to their relationship. Many marriage fall apart when both couples are too busy to spend time together to cultivate their relationship. This doesn't mean you shouldn't do things outside your marriage. Just be sure to find a good balance between the activities in your life outside your marriage and time with your spouse.

Can you imagine a man who spends more time at work than he does with his wife? If he doesn't cultivate the bond he has with his wife on a daily basis, his wife is more likely to build resentment and loneliness (especially if he's too tired to connect when he gets home). It's crucial to take time out of your day to connect with your spouse.

2. Are Your Fulfilling Your Spouse's Needs?

Are you a giver or taker? If a relationship consist of two takers, their marriage is going to suffer. Selfishness has no place in a marriage. Be aware of your spouse's needs as well as they are aware with yours. A marriage where both couple's highest needs are met will overcome any adversity that dares to threaten a marriage. On the other hand, two givers in a marriage are set to have a successful and thriving marriage. Most marriages that fail is usually due to one (if not both) spouse not meeting their spouse's needs. Think about, do you think a couple who fulfills each other's emotional and physical needs have many problems in their marriage?

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3. Do You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Many couples go into a marriage with a certain expectation that only sets up their spouse to fail. Women are culprits when it comes to this. Many women have high expectations of their husband. Most of these high expectations are from what they've learned through the media. These women have predetermined romantic notions of what their marriage should be. Some husbands do this too. Instead they have expectations of a domesticated wife who will do all the cooking, cleaning and household chores in the house. Make sure your expectations are realistic. Your not living in a fantasy world where your life is a movie. You are only setting yourself up for major disappointment. Keep your expectations realistic.

4. Living With the In Laws

Living in the same household with your parents or your in-laws while your married is asking for trouble. It's really difficult for parents to let go of the feeling of authority they have over their children. If you are living with your spouse under your in-laws roof, keep in mind that great difficulties may lie ahead and challenge your marriage.

5. Spacial Problems

Couples who don't give their spouse space is a problematic concern. If you don't allow your husband or wife the space they need, the attraction between you guys is set to suffer. Time for yourself is a great way to keep the relationship fresh. A successful couple consist of both people who feel successful outside their relationship. If you have low self esteem and lack of trust issues, your marriage will also deteriorate. Jealousy can be the kiss of death in many relationships if it's not controlled or dealt with. In order for a couple to succeed, their love must be confident and free of limiting beliefs.

These are 5 things that can ruin your marriage. Truth be told, there are many ways a marriage is set to fail. If you want to do everything you can to live a satisfying and loving marriage, you need to also keep these 4 things in mind. Communication. Trust. Passion. Commitment. These 4 things make up the foundation to a lasting marriage that will give you a fighting chance to survive any adversity life may throw at you.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is a woman who has learned to accept her own faults. Gottman, a respected researcher in the field of relationship research, explains that 85% of marriage problems start with someone who is unhappy with themselves. The problems they see in someone else arise as a result of insecurities and doubts they find in their own lives. If you've been unhappy with your man for a while, maybe it's because you've established a habit of always seeing the glass as half empty. Here are three seemingly innocent things you might have criticised your man about that could be weakening your bonds and causing him to consider divorcing you.

1. Criticising his lack of money

Us men relish the role of being the breadwinner in the household. As much as it is a burden to us, it's a burden that we wouldn't share with anyone else. Having said that, if you do go and let us, as well as other people know that we can't provide for you monetarily, this will make us resent you.

This may stem from a belief that you are also poor. Perhaps you lived in a poor environment and were taught to be meagre and to not spend a lot. Regardless, this is a fault that some women have with themselves that they tend to reflect onto their husbands.

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2. Criticising his laziness

Has your man turned into a slob after getting married to you? Maybe you should have a look at yourself. I'm not trying to make matter worse, but have you ever seen an extremely fit woman who runs marathons happily married to a man who simply watches her run marathons on TV at home?

If you're criticising your man for being lazy, there's a good chance that he's grown complacent because he's thought that that's OK with you.

3. Criticising him for not spending time with the kids

This one is another common one. Due to busy schedules, a lot of parents don't get to spend time with their children. Their children grow up, distant from their parents and don't have role models to follow.

If the mother is busy, she is likely to ask the father to spend time with them. That's a fact. It's useful to be aware that it stems from yourself though, so instead of criticising, you can organise yourself to make the time for both of you to spend time with the kids together.

Is there anything that you're unhappy about with your husband that you're also unhappy with yourself about?

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