How to trade BTC/EOS?

What is BTC?
Bitcoin (BTC) is considered a "funded currency" cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is essentially a long-term alternative to legal tender. It can be used as a payment exchange medium for some common goods and services (such as the US dollar, euro, pound or yen), but it is a decentralized cryptocurrency with a supply cap. Although the overall market value of Bitcoin is highly volatile, it is market share in the entire cryptocurrency market is high, while the price movements of other cryptocurrencies are significantly correlated with the US dollar. Therefore, Bitcoin is always considered to be the "wind vane" of the cryptocurrency market.

What is EOS?
Although EOS is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, it has different characteristics. It was created not for ordinary goods and services transactions. In contrast, EOS is considered a "practical" cryptocurrency. It can only be used in a specific “native” environment where cryptocurrency has belonged to the blockchain platform.

How to trade BTC/EOS?
Since BTC is the base currency for this currency pair, the standard "buy" position of this currency pair reflects the trader's optimistic view of the value of bitcoin relative to EOS. Both cryptocurrencies may rise at the same time, but if the relative value of BTC increases more than EOS during the period from opening to closing, then traders who do more operations can make a profit. In contrast, the “sell” operation of BTC/EOS means that traders believe that the relative value of EOS increases more than bitcoin, or that the decline is less than bitcoin.

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