Are you a beginner and want to use router table but having no idea about it? Then you are in the right place. Just proceed with this article. Here, you can find the beginners guide for using the router table in a top-notch manner. In general, in order to cut the moldings, the best jigsaw will be very much useful. You must know the fact that making use of a router table is very much simpler and quicker than utilizing a router alone. The major reason for this is, you don’t need to clamp the board. Most of the task that you are going to do with the router will need a specially designed router table. Below, you can find the tips for using the router in an easy way and router table projects for beginners.

Major tips for beginners to use the jigsaw:
· Simple end grain routing
Shaping the end grain along with the square push blocks and router consists of 3 benefits. As the fence is guiding the cut, you are not been restricted to bearing guided bits. As the wide ones, it is very simple to route the narrow pieces. Next, in order to eliminate the chipping, the push block with backs up the cut and it will tear out regularly associated via end grain routing. This tip will be very useful for router table projects for beginners.
· Effectively straight edges on boards or plywood
In order to adjust and fine-tune the router table, the time will take more. But especially for the plywood cutting, the time it is taking is a worthy one. The smooth and straight surface gone via the router bit creates it simple to make a roughly invisible seam, at the time when you are gluing wood edging towards the plywood.
Through this setup, user can able to easily remove the saw mark from the ripped board’s edges, plane the plywood panel’s edges and straighten the board for gluing edges previous to applying the wood edging. Sure this will be useful for router table projects for beginners.
· Freehand routing through the starting pivot
Little wood pieces are very much hard to hold down, at the time when you are shaping it with the handheld router in an effective manner. On the other hand, using a router table, shaping the tiny pieces of the woods is very much safe and very easy too. In order to rides alongside the pattern, make use of the bit with the bearing guide. Through this technique, user can able to shape the tiny pieces through bearing guided router.
What to do while using the jigsaw?
· The jigsaw must know these procedures.
· At first, in a comfortable place, you have to place the router.
· In the direct electric line, you have to make use of the machine.
· Carefully you have to utilize the router table and have to maintain it in a perfect manner.
· In order to lubricate the parts of the machine, you have to always use high-quality lubricants in an effective manner.
· You have to check keenly that the workshop and the machine you are going to use must have the dust management system.
· At the time of working, you have to use the ear and eye protection.
· You should be very much careful while doing a small project, because the sharp cutting tool may harm your hand.
· The time, when the cutting tools lose it sharpness, immediately you have to change it.

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