Are you and your children out of work at the same time? In bad economies (and the current economy is certainly troubled), it's unfortunately fairly common for several family members to be out of work simultaneously.

However, it's often possible for parents and children to drastically decrease the lengths of their job searches by working together. Here's a closer look (and some tips) for a parent-child job search.

How the Parent Helps the Child

There are a number of ways that the parent can assist the child in the job search. First of all, most parents have years of experience at one or more jobs. With this type of knowledge, the parent can advise the child on what to expect in a work environment and even give advice about interacting in a professional setting.

But even more important is, during the job search, the parent would be able to help the child prepare the resume, understand what information should be listed, and also prepare for the interview. The parent's experience in resume preparation can be incredibly helpful for a child who hasn't spent much time looking for a job in a certain field.

How the Child Can Help the Parent

What’s great about the knowledge that a recent college grad brings to the table is that it’s all fresh. A college grad has just finished learning about the latest technology, knows what’s going on in the industry he or she is pursuing and has probably even received some help from a career advisor on how to create a resume, cover letter and even mock interview.

Because your college grad comes with so much fresh knowledge, she may be able to get you up to speed on social networking sites like LinkedIn that will be perfect for networking professionally. Your child might even be able to help you with technical projects like converting your resume into various formats like Adobe PDF that are in common usage at many companies. In other words, where you come with a boatload of experience and wisdom, your child comes with a fresh mind, making it easy for your child to assist you in areas you may be lacking.

How You Can Help Each Other

One of the most important aspects of job seeking is having a partner in your corner to help you throughout the process. Whether you have your best friend read over your resume, enlist your spouse to help you with a mock interview, or even have a cousin reaffirm that you will find a job, having support is a great thing. With the parent and child working together, it’s easy to have instant support, so be sure you both take advantage of it as you proceed through the process.

The great news is that you can work together with your child to find jobs that maybe you can start at the same time. But what’s even better is that you may be able to form a stronger bond with your child that could last a lifetime.

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