Blue is one of the primary colours and perceived as a constant in our lives. We speak about ‘blueprints’ and ‘out of the blue’. This colour is strongly associated with sky and water and quite dominant in our lives, especially here in New Zealand where we are surrounded by the ocean and often see the blue sky. The colour blue has all to do with reliability, trust and dependability. The blue colour of the sky is protecting us from harmful cosmic rays and the blue colour of the ocean has a calming effect on our emotions and reminds us to go with the flow of life.

When there is no calmness, trust or faith in our life or when fear, doubt or uncertainty prevent us from having an honest and open communication we can become depressed and feeling blue. The colour blue is related to our communication organs, voice and throat. It is important to voice and or speak your truth.


Clothes are your personal marketing tool!
Every morning you chose to wear certain colours because you feel like wearing them. The colours you choose will not only reflect how you are feeling but will also reveal your personality, your conditioning and how you deal with life on a daily basis. Behind every colour you wear there is a message and an emotion.

The colour blue is worn very frequently, especially because of the worldwide use of jeans. The word ‘ Blue Jeans’ comes from the word blue de Gênes, or Blue dye from Genoa.

People who predominantly wear the colour blue are often reliable and faithful people for whom sincerity and integrity are important. Their friends and colleagues can depend on them and on their commitment. They will not only display these characterics themselves but also look for these in others.

Blue-wearers are often great communicators with leadership qualities and a creative mind. They enjoy problem-solving and have a practical approach to life which is sustained by logical thinking and an analytical mind. This colour has a calming and soothing effect on others and teachers, diplomats, counsellors, nurses and caregivers often appreciate and wear this colour.

For those who predominantly wear the colour blue, one of the challenges in their life is to maintain inner peace, especially in uncertain circumstances because they prefer to be in control.

Our next piece will be about the colour blue and marketing.

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Thelma van der Werff is a chartered colour therapist. She teaches colour coaching in a three-module training course in New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands and Germany. Thelma is the author of the books `why are you wearing those colours' explaining the emotional significance of colour in clothing, and `dress to impress' a colour dictionary.

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