As someone who runs my business (and life) based on Law of Attraction principles, I get to spend a lot of time checking in with how I feel. There are many benefits to this practice which is why I am recommending it to you today. The more you check in with how you feel throughout your day, the more in tune you are with your inner landscape and outer progress. You have the opportunity in an instant to shift your energy if at any point in your day you find yourself not feeling as good as you want to. You also get direct feedback from your emotions on where you are in relation to your actions. What I mean by this is that if you decide to do something and you don’t feel great about it then it isn’t an inspired action and won’t result in the outcomes you are hoping for. If you experience this, simply focus your energy on thoughts of the outcomes you desire and the “right” actions will reveal themselves to you. You save time, energy and money by using your emotions to increase the likelihood of getting what you want.

So, always take a moment to get into the feeling place of having what you want (i.e. “feel it real”) because your emotions form the basis of the vibrations you emit that attract to you the circumstances, events, people and material objects that make up your life. Remember that your inner mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined (think about your dreams, they seem very real to you, don't they?). When you find the feeling place of having what you want, when you feel as if you already have it, your inner mind becomes convinced that it is real for you. Since your inner mind is designed to be a goal-seeking mechanism, it will drive you to create in your outer world that which is true in your inner world so that your feelings/thoughts lead to all the actions you take.

Once you get the hang of it, this process is truly magical. You may find it challenging at first to consciously get into the feeling place of having what you want. This is because most of society teaches you to focus on what is rather than what you desire. Simply ease into by starting with a habit of checking in with how you’re feeling throughout the day. If you’re not feeling good, think about the things that will make you feel good. It all follows from there.

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