There are many different types of anxiety, so the methods that you use to learn how to get over anxiety may depend somewhat on the type of anxiety from which you suffer. In all types of anxiety; however, there are some elements that remain true.

The first step in learning how to overcome your anxiety is to learn something about how anxiety works. While you may feel as though our anxiety is simple worry, this is far from the truth. Real anxiety is excessive worry or concern. In many instances, worry and concern can be beneficial and can even help us in dangerous or stressful situations. When you are anxious about something; however, your fight or flight response may be triggered. When this happens you may begin to experience a number of reactions, which are really just your body's way of preparing you to flee from the danger that your mind perceives.

The types of symptoms you may experience in an anxiety attack include:

• Excessive worry and tension
• Restlessness
• Irritability
• Headaches
• Muscle tension
• Difficulty concentrating
• Sweating
• Nausea
• Need to urinate frequently
• Fatigue
• Trembling, shaking
• Sleep problems
• Easily startled

In reality, the fight or flight response is actually quite harmless; however, the symptoms you experience at the time can certainly feel quite disturbing. This is why it is important to work on learning how to recover from your anxiety. Until you are able to overcome your anxiety you will perpetually be at risk for experiencing the symptoms mentioned above anytime you are presented with a situation that tends to set off your anxiety.

As a result, the most important first step in learning how to get over your anxiety is to pinpoint what is causing your anxiety. For some people this step may be quite easy. For example, you may know that you suffer from social anxiety and that anxiety is linked to a disturbing incident in your youth. In this case, you would most likely benefit from behavior therapy as a way to begin overcoming your anxiety.

In other cases; however, it may not be as easy to pinpoint the cause of your anxiety. Working with a counselor can be beneficial in such circumstances in order to determine the cause of your anxiety so that you can then learn how to overcome it.

In either case, joining a support group can be particularly advantageous as you begin to work toward overcoming your anxiety. If you are anxious about social situations, consider joining an online support group comprised of individuals who face similar anxiety challenges.

Learning how to get over anxiety
is not an overnight process; however, when you take the time to research your options and dedicate time and patience to the process of overcoming anxiety you can be successful.

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