Are you a participant in the labor force who is not happy with his or her current position? Would you like to commence the process of finding a new position without jeopardizing the position you have at this point in time? You will learn intelligent methods you can employ to seek a new job while not prematurely leaving the position you already have.

One intelligent method you can use to seek a new position is to not let your employer know about it. It is often said that it is risky to tell your boss about your desire to find another company to work for.

Another intelligent tactic you can employ is to not look for a new job while you are at the office. It is stupid to browse job openings online or view classified advertisements at work because it is a waste of company time and it is an act of behavior that can cause you to lose your job.

Sometimes the path to a better position is where you least expect to find it. Consider making a lateral move and ask a supervisor if you can transfer to another position or department in the organization.

Stay on the lookout for better opportunities that exist at your corporation. Look at your organization’s list of internal job openings and do not be too timid to respond to them. While it is never a smart idea to look into working at another company while you are present at your job, nobody can reasonably find fault with you for checking out or inquiring about a position that is offered where you work.

Learn how to strike up conversations for job openings. Ask your friends and relatives if they know where companies are hiring anyone and if the companies they work for are hiring anybody. Also try this with people you do not really know but happen to have a casual conversation with.

Attempt to find a new job through the “hidden job market”. Make cold calls and ask whom you can speak with in regard to employment. Send your resume to some organizations without being asked to do it. When you make cold calls or unexpectedly submit your resume to companies, indicate why you are interested in working for them and what you have to offer.

Be careful how you post your resume online. If you decide to do this, indicate in your profile that you do not want your current employer to see your resume.

Conduct your job search the right way. Only attend job fairs, visit career offices or schedule job interviews on your free time.

Incorporate the methods you have learned to intelligently seek a new job while holding on to your current job!

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