When it comes to manifesting better life experiences, stress is one of the major causes of delays and blockages because it keeps you focused heavily on things you don’t want, rather than the things you are trying to attract. Unfortunately, stress is something that we have plenty of in our busy lives. So how can we avoid letting everyday stress kill our manifestation goals?

There are several effective ways, but first let’s get clear on what “stress” really is. The definition that you may be most familiar with is a feeling of tension or pressure caused by internal or external factors. A demanding job would be a factor that induces stressful feelings. So would a strained relationship. So would chronic negative thoughts and beliefs.

Read that last one again, because it’s truly the biggest cause of stress for most of us. We each have pressures and demands that are unique to us, and it’s understandable that some of these things would make us feel pressured. But think about this for a moment; why is it that we each feel pressured by different things? The thought of racing cars may thrill you, but terrify me. Being in crowded places may not bother me, but it may make you feel overwhelmed and panicky.

Stress begins with your perception of the situations and events happening around you. You see something, or think about something, and you label it as bad or threatening in some way, and you start to feel stressed about it. But what if you could change your thinking slightly so that the idea no longer made you feel stressed? Here are three good ways to do that:

1) An emotional step back

When you encounter something that seems overwhelming or “bad,” try to set your fearful emotional response aside momentarily and see the situation objectively. Very often when you stay calm, things have a way of working out easily and quickly.

2) Create a relaxation trigger

Choose one easy activity or action you can take when you begin to feel stressed that will help you come back to a peaceful state of mind again. For example, pinching your thumb and pinky finger together and saying mentally, “All is well, all is well, all is well.” The more you do this, the more your mind will connect that action with feelings of peacefulness and automatically trigger them no matter what’s happening around you.

3) Stay focused on your chosen outcome

If you refuse to focus on the thoughts that created your stressful feelings and instead shift your focus back to the outcome you want to experience, the stress immediately starts to dissipate. This does take practice because you need to build up to a certain level of mental control to be able to do it. But the more you do it the easier it gets, and the better it works over time.

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David Hooper is a Law of Attraction expert and author of "The Rich Switch - The Simple 3-Step System to Turn on Instant Wealth Using the Law of Attraction." Visit http://www.richswitch.com/ to get a copy of the audio book version free of charge.