It is actually really easy to get back with your ex after breaking up, but most people will find it very difficult due to some pretty typical mistakes that they make from the start.

They typically end up harassing him with constant phone calls, e-mails, and text messages. This sort of behavior isn't going to get you very far for two reasons.

Firstly, this kind of behavior probably isn't what drew him to you in the first place. Constantly trying to call, email, or text your ex is only going to push him farther away from you. Stalking your ex is just flat-out creepy and you really should never stalk someone.

Second, almost all breakups happen because one partner needs to take some time to step away from the relationship to think about things for a while. If you find yourself frantically trying to contact your ex boyfriend, all you are really doing is pushing him even farther away from you. This happens because your boyfriend feels that he has to pull away in order to find tht mental space to reevaluate things.

So you just need to give your boyfriend a little breathing room so he can think. For about two weeks to a month, just quit contacting him completely. This is going to be very hard and feel like torture, but if you are serious about getting back together with your ex boyfriend, then you really need to do this.

While you are in this "no contact" phase, you can do two things to increase the odds of fixing the relationship.

First you should try to identify the precise reason for the breakup. If he says that the relationship "isn't working" because you don't fold the laundry the correct way, that's probably not really it. Try to look a little deeper and you could find something a bit more serious that caused the breakup. Maybe you wanted to spend too much time together and he wanted more space to be by himself. Or perhaps it was the opposite and he wanted you to be more loving and open. This isn't an exercise in guilt, but just trying to grasp precisely what happened and seeing where you may have done things better. If you are serious about getting back with your ex boyfriend, then take the time to fully understand what went wrong in the relationship so that you don't repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Second, make sure that from your boyfriend's perspective that it seems like you completely disappeared during this time. During this stage, your ex will start to wonder how you are doing and naturally get curious about you. He will end up thinking back on all the good memories with you and he could even feel the need to reach out to you. The better you can stay out of touch, the more strongerl the effects of this will be.

Giving your ex boyfriend the space he wants is probably the best strategy you can do to get him back. Let him see what it's like to have a life without you there. Odds are good that he won't enjoy life without you much and he'll begin to miss you. Suddenly he will become the one that is trying to get you back. Make him work for a little and soon he'll realize that it was a huge mistake to you leave you to begin with.

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Sarah Scott was dumped by her boyfriend while studying abroad in Italy. When she returned home to the United States, she studied the secrets on how to get your ex back. Now she enjoys helping others save their relationships.

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