"To reach great heights, a person needs to have great depth." (Anonomous) When someone becomes your dream partner, they choose to actively help you to acheive success. They become your informal sales force and, done properly, you become theirs. The right person's word of mouth can be just enough to take you to epidemic levels of success. If I plan to endorse you to my friends, family, colleagues and Redwood Sisters, I want to know that you are worthy of that endorsement. So, first and foremost, you better have integrity. The definition of integrity is: steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. Honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, generosity, service minded, helpful; these are some of the values that I like to see displayed in the behaviors of potential dream partners.

If you say that you will do something or be somewhere at a certain time. Do it, be there. If you promise something, deliver the highest quality promised deliverable that you can. As a dream partner catalyst, I am looking for quality over quantity. If I am going to come alongside you in your dream and have you come along side me in mine, we both need to know each of us is worth the investment. Don't tell me you are reliable. Be reliable. Don't say that you have a high quality service, show me that you have a high quality service.

Two of my dream partners jump to mind as living this philosophy. I can count on Lisa and Maia to do what they promise, be there to tell me the truth, push me lovingly and always give more than I ever expect them to give. I am the same way to them and to all of my dream partners. No one will be your dream partner if you aren't worthy. Are you a person of integrity?

Author's Bio: 

Patty Sadallah has 29 years experience as an organization development consultant and executive coach. She is a Dream Partner Catalyst and coaches and consults nonprofits and women owned small business owners around issues of focus and planning, moving them toward her dreams. Find out more about her coaching and consulting at http://www.PattySadallah.com/sq.

She is also the President/Founder of the Redwood Sisterhood, an international women's support community that offers personal and professional development learning opportunities, community bartering through time banking and fun networking events. Here, she brings together the talents and the needs of women and allows these connections to strengthen and uplift the membership. Learn more at (http://www.RedwoodSisterhood.com)

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