“Each one of you has something no one else has, or has ever had: your fingerprints, your brain, your heart. Be an individual. Be unique. Stand out. Make noise. Make someone notice. That's the power of individuals.” Jon Bon Jovi. Last week I was in one of those stores that had the large jungle gym for kids. There was one of those big bins filled with plastic balls for kids to jump in. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands of them in that bin. Now, imagine that each of those balls represents someone who does something similar to what you do. Let’s say you call yourself something like a Business Consultant, or a Life Coach, or a Writer. There could literally be thousands of balls representing people who do those general things. OK, so now, imagine that you represent one of those balls too. And, all of the balls are blue. Everyone’s balls are blue and your ball is blue. How on earth would someone find your ball in that bin?
What if your ball was the only red ball in a bin of blue balls? Do you think people would be able to find your ball then? The uniqueness of your ball color would certainly help. Even though you may do something similar to hundreds or thousands of other people, you really do it differently. In order for your ideal target market to find you, you need to be unique enough for them to notice you.

One way to separate you from the pack is to come up with an “Escalator Tag”. An escalator tag is your unique job title. I call it that because if you do it right, you will get a prospects attention in the instant that it would take to pass someone going the opposite way on an escalator.

Which would get your attention more: a Nonprofit Consultant or a Nonprofit Doctor; a Wellness Coach or the Personal Nutrition Guru; a Small Business Advisor or the Dream Partner Catalyst? Not everyone is going to like your unique escalator tag. But the ones that really want to work with you will. They will notice you and seek you out. Don’t worry if everyone doesn’t like that you are the Virtual Ringmaster. The one’s that do like it and get it will be the people that become your customers.

Marketing in this economy is hard enough. Why make it more difficult for your potential clients to find you in the bin of similar colored balls. Stand out, be unique and help your ideal customer find you.

Want to know how to create your escalator tag? The process is simple but not easy. Brainstorm a list of the biggest words you can think of that describe what you do, for whom in the most specific way, your biggest value and the ideal outcome that you hope for your customer. Play with the words on the list, making sure that you come up with the best metaphors to describe them. Come up with 2 or three words from the list that really get at your core purpose. Ask your closest friends and clients to help you, as this is somehow easier for others to do for you than it is to do for yourself. Keep working it until you think you have it. If you want help with this ask me in the comments box and I can talk with you more about the process.

No one does what you do exactly like you. Help your potential customers see that. Be the only one!

Author's Bio: 

Patty Sadallah has 29 years experience as an organization development consultant and executive coach. She is a Dream Partner Catalyst and coaches and consults nonprofits and women owned small business owners around issues of focus and planning, moving them toward her dreams. Find out more about her coaching and consulting at http://www.PattySadallah.com/sq.

She is also the President/Founder of the Redwood Sisterhood, an international women's support community that offers personal and professional development learning opportunities, community bartering through time banking and fun networking events. Here, she brings together the talents and the needs of women and allows these connections to strengthen and uplift the membership. Learn more at (http://www.RedwoodSisterhood.com)

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