The dating scene is like a potluck dinner. Each participant has a distinct dish or specialty. So how can you make sure that your Mrs. Jones famous spaghetti casserole and not the store bought potato salad? You have to master being irresistible.

1. Have heaps of fun.

When you are having fun it flows to everyone around you. When someone is having fun, we pay attention to them. Just relax and smile.

2. Save something for them to figure out.

The punch line is almost always at the end of the joke. Give them a little taste of what makes you top notch, don’t be a open book with your life story. You should leave something to be found out.

3. Be you and only you.

Being yourself will help you get recognized. Don’t travel with a crowd all the time. For example if you go get a drink from the bar, don’t rush to get back to your friends, take your time to look through the crowd and smile. Groups can be intimidating to approach but creating a little space between you and the group can get you some extra attention.

4. Give a little eye contact.

If you want to learn how to attract a man this tip is very simple but extremely effective. A simple short look from across the room can do wonders.

5. Show swagger.

Don’t be intimidated, swagger just means making your movement a little bit more noticeable. There is no strict description for it but to show your style. Your swagger should tell a little bit about you. Your body language should emulate who you are as a person. It is not necessary to break out in interpretive dance but your movements should give off some positive energy. A loving hug will show compassion. If you’re adventurous, sharp movements will show you take risks. These suggestions are a starting point to get Mr. Right to notice you but make sure you are being your complete self to keep him tuned to your station.

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