Margarita came to a coaching call with great excitement. She wanted to promote someone on her staff to manage well over 200 salespeople in the office. Because their business was around “green building products” for home builders they are in a market that requires top quality leaders to encourage and train salespeople to have to attract many more clients through the spirit of partnership. She needed the best of the best for this position.

Margarita has grown her business by attracting the right people, situations and opportunities, to become one of the top companies in the South West selling green building products to home builders. By promoting one of her staff members, Margarita would be able to go down to a four day work week, which would reduce her stress level and give her more time to focus on continuing to build her business.

Because her company was ready to hit the next level of income, I suggested that she choose a “big thinker” for the promotion. Margarita wanted to know how she could determine if this person was a big enough thinker and could see the big picture. She had narrowed it down to three people, but here was the catch; she would choose one person as the manager and let the other two people go. The person who became manager would get a huge raise.

1.How will you get results from people that you have no control over either in the office or outside the office?
2.How are you helping other people in the office develop themselves?
3.How do you get other people together to create a shared approach to the problem?
4.What do you do to set an example for others around you?
5.What sort of leader are you?
6.Give some examples of your leadership style in tough times?
7.How do you motivate people?

Margarita interviewed all three candidates for the position. She was stunned to find that when she asked these questions one person stood out by leaps and bounds. These questions helped her to discover what she didn’t want in a leader and very quickly to find the right person for the job. Margarita took inspired action, hired Tom, and left him to lead. Tom led so well that Margarita knew that she had made the right decision.

Where do you need to take a leadership role in your business? Can you ask yourself the hard questions to see if you have what it takes? When you answer the questions honestly, and find that you do have the leadership skills required in your career, set the goal to have the position or job that allows you to have this kind of leadership. In this market, the leaders will stand out from the crowd. Their skills will put them ahead of the competition, and may even help them move up into a position they never thought they would reach. And most importantly, you may keep your job!

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