It can be tough enough starting a conversation with someone you don't know, yet alone trying to start a conversation with someone you think is attractive! You are confused with what to say. You wonder if he likes you. You want to know how to make him like you. You are anxious! All this is only the first challenge!

If you are woman wanting to start a conversation with an interesting guy, whether it is online through things like MSN, Facebook, and Myspace or face-to-face or text, you must work through two primary challenges or steps. The first step is to overcome your fears, anxiety, and other "inner game" problems. Even if you think you are confident - because you are reading this article wanting to know how to start a conversation with a guy – that tells me you need to solve inner game problems rather than have me write you a few magical lines to use on a guy you like. The second step defines what you say and how you say it.

Why Friends are Easy to Talk With

Why do you find it easy to talk with friends, but you do not know what to say to a guy you like? The answer is: you know your friends. This makes it easy to talk about a lot of things, which proves the point I want to make: you are able to talk to your friends because you do not feel vulnerable to them. You can talk to your friends because you are unconcerned about their judgments of you. This opens a floodgate of conversational topics that are suppressed when you try to start a conversation with a guy.

Contrast talking with your friends to talking with a guy you like. When you try to start a conversation with a guy, you can talk about a million subjects, but you say nothing because you worry about him liking you, saying the wrong thing, or making a fool of yourself. Your negative thinking chokes your ability to converse until the conversation dies. You don’t think like this around friends. It is important to sort out these inner game issues that prevent you from starting a conversation so you can become a confident woman that naturally attracts men.

Let's say a girl comes across a guy at a shopping center she wants to get to know. She tries her best to think of something to start the conversation, but her mind is blank. She has inner voices telling her negative things such as, "You can't do this", "He won't even like you", and "You'll just make yourself look bad and embarrass yourself". The lady has already lost her inner game. She is not going to start a conversation with destructive thinking.

Her mind isn't really blank, however; her destructive pattern of thinking gives her the mind blank. When you suffocate your mind with destructive thinking, you cannot start a good conversation. Winning on the outside starts with winning on the inside. Before you win in the conversation by starting a good conversation, get your inner game into shape. Do not worry what to say when you cannot even speak. Developing your inner game is a crucial part in improving your relationships.

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