A recent question from a listener of my Art of Joyful Living radio show prompted this article. The question is: how do I stay on track throughout my day in terms of focusing on how I feel and what I truly want to manifest in my life? I love this question and it comes up often with my one on one clients, too. The key to changing a lifetime habit of default thinking is to become mindful (take notice of) what you are thinking on an ongoing basis. The more you do this, the more attuned you become to what you typically think so that you can choose to stick with those thoughts (if they're working for you) or consciously choose to change them (if they're not). As with learning any new habit, repetition is your secret to success. I use a variety of reminder techniques with my clients to help them "break into" their thoughts throughout their day so they can check in on what they are thinking and, consequently, what they are attracting. You can use these same simple techniques to revolutionize how you think.

Here are one dozen strategies for you. Choose your top three and give them a try.

1. Set your cell phone/watch alarm for every 30, 60 or 90 minutes. When it chimes, stop and check in with yourself. What are you thinking? How do you feel?

2. Post reminder notes EVERYWHERE from your car dashboard to your bathroom mirror. Post-it notes are great for this. You can simply post the questions: "What am I thinking?" and "How do I feel?"

3. Enlist the help of your family/friends to call you on "backsliding" (very sweetly of course) when they hear you speaking in old patterns (this helps with your thought processes as our words come from our thoughts). You can also have them check in with you throughout the day (with a call or email if you're not together) to ask you how it's going.

4. Wear a talisman, like a specific bracelet, that you designate as your "behavior changing talisman" or "thought changer" so that every time you glance at it you are reminded of what you are doing.

5. If you're an avid social networker, always include how you feel in your posts. Every time you Tweet throughout your day, no matter what it's about, save a few spaces for "I feel _______." In order to share it, you have to think about it.

6. If you check your email frequently during the day or your computer or phone, register at one of the reminder sites (like the birthday reminder sites) to receive emails/texts throughout the day to remind you to check in with what you think, how you feel, what you are doing, etc.

7. You can't go wrong with mantras, keywords and affirmations

8. Create a series of daily habits that include processes for working on making this change automatic and authentic.

9. Track your thoughts, feelings and actions in a journal (which can be done throughout the day)

10. Get a buddy who is also working on making a change and keep each other on track (like a work out buddy).

11. Apply a personal reward system. Every time you catch yourself using your new language/habit/belief, you get a treat.

12. Make a game out of improving your life either in your own mind or literally create a card, dice or board game and have fun with the process.

These are just a dozen possible strategies. Use them as is or tweak them to fit you better. These can all be adapted for changing thoughts, beliefs, actions, habits, etc. For me, enacting change is all about making it fun, authentic and holistic so keep that in mind as you journey through whatever changes you are making.


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