What is the definition of true love? I think most people tend to think of true love as that one soul mate that 'completes' them. However, using a quote from Shaman Charles Crooks, "We are all part of the whole and not separate" creates a dilemma when it comes to this perception of true love. How can one be incomplete when we are all part of the whole?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that true love may be something quite different. When we expect another to complete us, we are in essence stating that we are inferior. We are looking out for ourselves only. Therefore, it is really a selfish act. However, as Antoine De Saint-Exupery so eloquently stated, "True Love begins when nothing is looked for in return."

As for myself, I have experienced true love as I have loved many people, but have not sought anything in return. This includes family, children, friends and even unrequited loves. Yes, I may have been sad that someone I loved did not outwardly love me in return. Yet, I still loved them despite this fact.

A search for true love is often exacerbated by outside factors. For instance, most of us think of love during springtime, February, or during the holiday season. For our example, let us use the month of February since it is probably the most prevalent month, at least in the United States, where most think about love due to February 14, or Saint Valentine's Day. This annual holiday mainly focuses on the intimate love between two people. Pope Gelasius I established this holiday over 1500 years ago, in 496 A.D. Traditionally, the day is most identified as a day where lovers express love for one another by giving and receiving gifts of flowers, candy or cards.

In addition, Nirvana Day is often celebrated during the month of February. Nirvana Day is the celebration of Buddha's death when he reached total nirvana, at the age of 80. While many of us are reminded to celebrate nirvana with one special loved one, real nirvana is based upon a greater love; the love inside all of us that we share with each other and with our creator.

Interestingly, oftentimes both the Chinese New Year and the Tibetan New Year occur closely to Valentine's Day. These days signify the beginning of something new! Indeed, even the New Moon many times arises mid-month of every month, sending out the vibration of new beginnings, including the wish for true love.

To love another even though the love returned is not in the form you wish, is the real definition of true love. Remember, we are all part of the whole and therefore, the love another person may have for someone else is really a love in which you share. It may not be physical love, but it is a purer, more spiritual love. So instead of focusing on your love with just one person, why not begin anew with the chance to receive love wholly from everywhere in the universe, beginning within yourself? Furthermore, since our thoughts create our world, you will be in essence, bringing into reality the physical manifestation of any perceived love you are missing.

So, when you think you are all alone and without true love, look around. Enjoy the love that is everywhere. You share it with all!

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