What if you could take control of brain aging… slow it down so you could protect your earning power and enjoy the lifestyle you want for as long as you want… wouldn’t that be great?

Well, you can! So if you really care about what happens to your brain this could be the most important article you ever read.

Here’s why…
Quite simply it opens the door for you to become your very own brain health specialist so you can keep your brain fit and healthy for life… without any training and without any money!

Here’s where it began
When I was trying to work out how an ordinary person like me could keep their brain young and vital for life I developed a very simple analogy – comparing the aging of the brain with the deterioration of electrical circuits in an old house.
That was many years ago, but you know what… I still use it!

Here’s how it goes
The light globes and electrical wiring in a house become less reliable as the house ages. Restoring the light bulbs, switches and wiring and adding new globes, switches and wiring circuits means the house can be as bright as or even brighter than before. And keeping the whole system well maintained means the house will stay brighter for longer.

If you imagine your brain cells (neurons) as globes, the connections (dendrites/axon) between your brain cells as the wiring and the junction (synapse) between neighboring cells as a switch, it is not difficult to accept that a similar process could occur in the brain.

In other words, restoring brain cells, adding new ones and upgrading the connections/switches between the cells means that we too can be brighter and smarter. And, as with the house, keeping everything well maintained will ensure you stay brighter for longer.

You’re probably thinking that’s all very well but HOW DO WE DO IT…?

Basic Belief
I admit to feeling a bit lost when I first tried to answer that question. One powerful belief that helped me keep some focus was that knowing how to keep healthy couldn’t depend on a person having access to knowledge gained from books, the Internet or other such sources. Nor could it depend on having the money to pay for treatments or so-called expert physicians.

Why…? Because to do so would bar most of the world’s population simply by virtue of their circumstances. I was convinced that the solution when I discovered it would be free and equally accessible to all – whether a person used it or not was a matter of personal choice.

So, as far as I was concerned, if keeping the body and mind fit and healthy didn’t depend on physical access to information or on material resources the logical conclusion was that the body must already have all the answers!

But even more compelling
Is the undeniable fact that the intelligence stored in our body cells and passed from one generation of cells to the next was able to create us in nine months without any help at all. Isn’t that incredible – simply mind-blowing!!

So the body’s cells must hold all the knowledge needed to keep us energetic, alert, clever and sexy for life. Read that again because its amazing simplicity disguises its awesome power and potential.
If you still haven’t fully grasped the significance, here’s what it means for YOU (that’s right – for everyone of us). It means you already know how to take control of your health… that you already have available all the systems, resources and knowledge you need. Your brain already knows how to maintain itself for life!

Where to now?
All you need do is to discover how to tap into and use the awesome resources you have available and you literally become your own brain care specialist. In Part 2 of this series we’ll start looking at how you can do just that.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Coleman is a certified cognitive fitness trainer and runs the brain health blog www.brainrap.com where you can get a powerful FREE program that can transform your health in just 10 minutes a day.

Michael’s believes that our major responsibility is to provide the body conditions to foster rejuvenation and then allow it what it’s so brilliantly designed to do.