Near the end of my first article in this series I made the profound statement that:
“You already know how to take control of your health… that you already have available all the systems, resources and knowledge you need… and all you need do is tap into them. SO YOUR BRAIN ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO MAINTAIN ITSELF FOR LIFE!”

In this article I further explore the implications and continue down the path to becoming your very own brain health specialist

So, let’s start by restating the implications of the above revelation…

? The body has an incredible natural healing system in the form of a vast reservoir of cellular intelligence and resources.
? The purpose of the healing system is to repair, restore and rejuvenate the mind and body.
? If we can tap into and stimulate this incredible system we can stay healthy, alert and vital for life.

And it means that responsibility for your health and wellbeing is entirely yours!

Here’s just one of the reasons why I’m so confident
The intelligence stored in your cells is capable of building a living body in nine months without any assistance whatsoever! That’s the enormous internal healing power we all possess. What’s more… that amazing intelligence remains in your body, for when a cell is replaced by subdivision all the information about its role and how to function is passed to the next generation (Remember that neurons are cells… they are nerve cells in the brain). So, as was stated previously, YOUR BRAIN ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO MAINTAIN ITSELF FOR LIFE!

And that brings us back to the question of how can we stimulate the brain’s natural healing system and thereby use the awesome resources we all have available to foster and maintain a healthy brain for life.

So let’s go back to the brain/house analogy in which the neurons are the light globes, the dendrites/axon the wiring and the synapses the switches. To get the house as bright as possible we need:
? Lots of light globes in good working order (neurons)
? Switches that make excellent connections (synapses)
? Lots of wiring in good condition (dendrites and axons)
And it all needs to be maintained in good condition to get the best performance.

But we can go further… if we want to expand our search area and explore other parts of the house we can light up more rooms in the house by putting in place more wiring, switches and globes. That is, we can adapt the electrical system to meet our requirements... But to respond to this changing situation we have to do that consciously and manually.

In my next article I’ll explain how the brain is much smarter than the old house and together we’ll continue down the path to becoming your very own brain health specialist?

Author's Bio: 

Michael Coleman is a certified cognitive fitness trainer and runs the brain health blog where you can get a powerful FREE program that can transform your health in just 10 minutes a day.
Michael’s believes that our major responsibility is to provide the body with conditions to foster rejuvenation and then allow it what it’s so brilliantly designed to do.