Stop interfering!
I hope by now that you have grasped the very simple but profound concept that the brain already knows exactly how to take care of itself for life…. if only we would let it. But we don’t and very successfully manage to interfere with its natural working by imposing on it all sorts of conditions that it finds most unwelcome. Here I’m referring to actions like undue stress, drugs, poor diet, sleep deprivation, wasteful sexual practices, lack of exercise… and so on.

Look here you brain!
My position is that any program that aims to keep the brain young has to foster its health by providing the ‘right’ conditions for it to look after itself. It’s a hands-off approach that says to the brain – “Look, I’ve put in place the conditions for you to re-engineer yourself and stay young for years to come so go for it.” It seems such a simple natural strategy that one can only speculate as to why it’s been kept secret for so long.

An awesome event
While many may attempt to dismiss this approach as being childlike and simplistic that, in my view, would be a huge mistake, For it would also, by association, dismiss the remarkable act of our creation in the womb. In case you’d forgotten, you were created in nine months without any external interference at all. That awesome event was scheduled, coordinated, produced and directed by the intelligence stored in your body’s cells. Each cell knew what its role was, knew how and when to perform it and how to relate to and work in harmony with billions of other cells. For me that’s compelling evidence… do you agree?

Key systems
In my last article I stated that the most important and rewarding action I believe we can take is to restore and maintain the integrity of the four natural processes – sexual energy circulation, breathing, movement and curiosity. In simple, practical terms that means:
? Relearning how to generate, circulate and use sexual energy.
? Relearning how to breathe and control the breath.
? Reinstating exercise
? Being a fearless ‘explorer’ of possibilities

Once these conditions are being met we can rely of the remarkable ability of the brain to ‘re-shape’ itself through its capacity to specialise and to grow. You see, your brain contains a vast collection of resources and knowledge, which I call cellular intelligence. This impressively powerful network serves one purpose: healing... and every person has this powerhouse available to them

Your ‘plastic’ brain
Cellular intelligence plays a key role in the restoration of lost capabilities, and is the cause of a marvellous brain ability called brain plasticity. Brain plasticity is the unique quality of the brain that lets it develop new physical connections between different areas in response to a loss of function. While everyone's brain loses cells naturally through aging, plasticity is the brain's ability to re-wire’ itself, changing to make up for damaged areas and cells that have died. People waking out of a long term coma, the rebuilding of thinking capabilities, successful stroke rehabilitation... and much more can often be attributed to the brain innate ability to heal without interference.

Yes, but how?
At this point you may be thinking this plasticity concept sounds all well and good but how on earth am I supposed to get it to work for me! Now that happens to be a very good question and was the very same one I asked myself more than a decade ago. I played around experimenting with my mind and body always mindful that my cells already knew what I was trying to discover. I found myself returning to my initial state in the womb or just after birth (not literally, of course!) for intuitively I felt that was where the answers were. To cut a long story short, I reached the firm conclusion that the four key components I have listed above were where I needed to focus…

The rest was easy. All I did was to develop a series of exercises to stimulate the brain remarkable healing powers. The result was a completely natural, simple yet powerful program that cost nothing to use and could be used at just about any age.

But you said free and accessible
You may also recall my belief that any program to rejuvenate and maintain brain health must be free and accessible to everyone for to be otherwise would bar most of the world’s population from keeping their brain healthy. I want to emphasise here that the program I developed cost me not a single cent! There was nothing to buy and nothing to take.

I used my intuition and literally experimented until I felt I had it right. It could be argued that the actions I took were to some extent influenced by my life experience and past learning and I accept that is likely. However, I should say that most of the time I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing and there was a lot of trial and error. The point I’m trying to make is that you can do the same – the process is equally accessible to everyone and it’s free. The advantage you have is that I’ve already identified the components that I think are critical in fostering a healthy brain so you just need to build on those.

However, may be you don’t want to go down that path, or are just too busy or if you would simply like to know more about the anti-aging brain program I have developed and use you can find more information below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of articles. In them I have revealed thoughts and opinions that have formed over many years of personal exploration and experiment of my mind and body. I am convinced that we are meant to learn how to control our health by accessing the innate cellular intelligence stored in our body cells. It’s up to each of us to decide whether or not we take that path. If we do, we open ourselves up to the most natural, most powerful and only no-cost way of staying healthy for years to come. The choice is yours.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Coleman is a certified cognitive fitness trainer and runs the brain health blog
Michael believes that our major responsibility is to provide the body with conditions that foster rejuvenation and then allow it what it’s so brilliantly designed to do.