Have you heard of the expression "Walk in the Park"? It usually means that something was done easily, quickly. But do you sometimes feel that it also tells you that the walk in the park is just boring and not exciting at all? If that is so, how likely is it that you will keep your schedule and habit of going out for a walk regularly? Not very. If you are serious about taking full advantage of the benefits a regular walk can deliver, you will want to go over the three tips here. The tips are: Change Your Path, Change Your Speed, and Be Conscious of Your Environment. See what I mean and try them out:

1. Change Your Path: To make your daily walk exciting, change the path you take. If you normally go north, go south. If you go away from the busy street into nature, go opposite. If you get accustomed of taking a certain turn on your way, take a different turn. This will force you to stay alert.

2. Change Your Speed: Sure, to reach a certain heart beat frequency, you need to walk certain speed. But not every day. One day, walk slower. Noticeably slower. Observe yourself when you do that. What comes to mind first? Do you feel it is difficult for you to walk slower? Or can you relax into it and enjoy your trip? Next time, speed up your trip. And next time, switch from real slow to real fast.

3. Be Conscious of Your Environment: This is almost automatic if you follow Tips 1 or 2. Being in a new environment will ramp up the level of your awareness. But what if you are on the same path for the 50th time? Take that path as if you were taking it for the very first time. Look around. What do you see? Look for the details. Notice the things you never noticed before. Hmmm... that is interesting. Smell things. Smell the proverbial rose. Or any plant along the way. Listen. Listen to the street noise, listen to the birds. Observe the sky. Hmm... the clouds are heavy and the big birds are kind of loud and scared sounding today... Maybe there is a storm coming. Do not guess too much, or judge. Just notice things. Then notice your reaction to what you see, smell, hear. Does any of these remind you of your past? Sure, you can remember the past while you walk. Or you can start and plan your day in your head. But try to keep at least some of your attention pinned to your environment. Be the observer, the person who notices things.

So now you know what to do. When you follow one or all three tips, you will create a level of excitement during your walk you have not encountered in a long time. And guess what, if you remember the tips, you can create your next trip to be exciting as well. So go out and walk today. Pick a different path, slow down your stride for a while, and keep noticing things. You'll make it an exciting walk.

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