Some teenagers and younger adults have difficulty getting out of bed because they are tired, lazy or were out late the night before.

Seniors have difficulty getting out of bed for different reasons. It's not that they do not want to get out of bed but because they have physical difficulty doing it. Whenever possible, the goal should be to enable independence.

Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions:

1) Bed Assist Rail: This is a simple device that provides the user with something solid to push/pull on while sitting down and standing up from the bed. It also helps with rolling over and sitting up. Part of the device is placed between the mattress and the box spring (or bed frame) and is held in place by the weight of the mattress. Some designs strap to the box spring. From my experience, this is often not necessary as the weight of most mattresses holds the bed rail securely on it's own.

2) Transfer Pole: This is a pole that goes from the floor to the ceiling. It works much like a shower curtain rod in the way that it isn't fastened to the floor or ceiling but stays in place because it pushes against the two surfaces. Transfer poles are excellent for users who have difficulty standing up and sitting down on the bed. A horizontal bar can also be attached that provides additional places to grab.

3) Bed Ladder: Sitting up or rolling over in bed can sometimes be difficult for older adults. If that's the case, a bed ladder can be of assistance. Think of it as a mini rope ladder that attaches to the foot of the bed. The user pulls on the handles, working their way up into a sitting position (or rolling over).

4) Bed Risers: Sometimes all a senior needs is the bed height increased to make it easier to get in/out of bed. This can be accomplished by purchasing or making bed risers. All it takes is some blocks (plastic, wood or metal) at the corners of the bed frame which raise the bed 2-4 inches. Some bed frames also benefit from a bed riser in the middle of the bed to provide additional support.

5) Hospital Bed: A hospital bed has several advantages as most models allow the user to raise/lower the head and foot as well as the entire bed height. In addition, most have bed rails which can be used to hold onto while sitting and standing. If your aging parent has skin breakdown, a hospital bed is also a perfect surface for a pressure redistribution mattress.

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Kevin is a member of Caring for Aging Parents.