Getting a puppy is always exciting. They're adorable, they're fun and no matter what they do, they're cute. Unfortunately, it's all too common for owners to let their puppy get away with things they shouldn't because, as a puppy, it is cute. Or, the owners just don't know what they shouldn't and should let their puppy do. Here are the crucial things you need to make sure to do when you get a new puppy.

First of all, you shouldn't never bring home a puppy that is younger than eight weeks. During the first eight week of their life, they go through many development periods that are crucial to their long term well being. Removing a puppy from its mother and littermates too early causes behavior problems down the road.

Second of all, start the process of housebreaking the puppy immediately. Don't wait at all. Get things started right. Don't let your puppy develop any bad habits in the beginning. If possible, teach them to go potty outdoors from the beginning too, rather than doing paper training.

Third, never let your puppy nip at your hands or feet, even if it's just playful. This is a common mistake owners regret in the long run. Always use toys to play with your puppy, never hands or feet.

Fourth, recognize that dogs still have their natural instincts, and your dog expects there to be a leader of the pack. You need to establish yourself as what is called the 'alpha dog'.

Your dog expects to be part of a pack, and for that pack to have a leader. Not knowing how dogs communicate will most likely cause you to communicate to your dog that they are the leader. And since the leader is in charge, this results in many behavior problems. To learn more about becoming the pack leader, do a search online.

And last, but for sure not least, it's very important to gradually and carefully expose your puppy to new and unfamiliar sounds, people, things, etc. These experiences should be positive ones. Carry some delicious treats along with you and make sure to provide a lot of enthusiastic praise.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article has given you insight on how to raise a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog. Follow the tips provided here and you'll wind up with a great companion.

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