Do you need to release unwanted thoughts that are running in your mind involuntarily? Have these thoughts become so uncontrollable that they make you feel restless and stressed out?

Do not be frustrated. There are a number of approaches to help you release them:

1. Accept

One of the most important things you can do is to first accept the unwanted thoughts. Do not be afraid of them. If you resist, or run away from them, you are actually giving them more attention and energy. The problem will only intensify.

In order to make the acceptance process easier, you have to study the nature of the mind. Understand that you are NOT what you think. You can change and direct your thinking. You are the thinker that is eternal, while thoughts come and go.

2. Observe

Observe or watch your thoughts in a detached way. That is, do not give any emotional response to them. Do not judge them. Do not label them as good or bad. Just watch them one by one.

Remember that you are the eternal thinker. As you do this, you are not feeding the thoughts with additional energy. If you persist in observing, they will gradually subside.

3. Replace

Whenever an unwanted thought surface, immediately replace them with a good one, or the opposite of it. For example, I love you, or I am worth it, etc.

By replacing the negativity with something positive, you are actually canceling out or neutralizing the negative energy within you. In time you will be filled with more positive energy which will keep the negativity away.

4. Be Grateful

Be grateful for the unwanted thoughts. Everything happens for a reason, and so do the negative thoughts. They appear as a result of your past experiences. May be there are some issues in your past that you have not resolved. Or maybe you have not paid enough attention to your own well being.

Whatever the reason might be, the negative thinking actually serves as an reminder for you to deal with a certain problem. Show gratitude to them, for they are here to help you. Tell them: thanks for letting me know. For you are the eternal thinker.

If you put the above approaches into practice, in time you will feel more positive and happier. You will find that you are able to release the unwanted thoughts and enjoy all the joy that Life has to offer.

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