Most people associate arthritis with old age and it is true that people are
affected more as they grow older. But, actually, arthritis can affect anyone
from very young children right up to the very old.

Osteoarthritis is the type of arthritis, which most commonly affects older
people. It involves the breakdown of the protective cushion of the cartilage
covering the ends of bones where they meet to form a joint. We tend to use
the terms rheumatism and arthritis interchangeably and they are sister

Rheumatism is a general term, which includes not only problems with the
joints, but also any problem affecting the muscles or soft tissues of the body.
Some of the areas associated with rheumatism include: Fibrositis, bursitis,
tendonitis, muscle strain, sprains, lumbago, sciatica, whiplash injury and disc
disease. The most common forms of these diseases are Rheumatoid Arthritis
and Osteoarthritis

The medical profession contends that neither rheumatism nor arthritis can be
cured. Once they have taken hold, one can only hope to alleviate the pain. A
cure is not possible. Nevertheless, some types of arthritis and rheumatism
can be prevented and we believe that effective treatment is possible for all
forms of these diseases.

So, what is the treatment? How do we stop the pain? Well, first we tackle the source. Certain people are more at risk than others. We will address these people first.

It makes sense to look at your lifestyle and see how it is possible to set
yourself up for maximum health. Right now, if you have either rheumatism or
arthritis, you need to be able to reduce the stiffness, pain and swelling you
currently experience. All the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis are
exacerbated by obesity. If you are overweight, you must reduce. So, how do
you reduce?

Follow these steps:

1. Reduce your weight. Looks simple. It is simple. How do you reduce?
Well, don't even think of a crash diet. That would be counterproductive. You
need to lower your weight by the simplest and most effective method possible.
And here it is!

Reduce the amount of food on your plate. If you normally order a super sized
meal, order a large or medium instead. Better still, cook at home. That way,
you know exactly what you're eating and it will be good. If you can't cook,
contact us and we'll send simple and nutritious recipes to you. Food you'll
really love. Call Patricia at 702-259-6455 or Our only interest is getting you well and
pain free.

As part of this reduction, you need to forget about sodas. Cut them from your
diet and do it cold turkey. This is something many people find difficult. But
you have to do it. Sodas have absolutely no food value and they're BAD for
you. You will be amazed how water can taste like the nectar of the gods. It
just takes a little time. Clear your refrigerator. No more soda. Instead, keep
lots of chilled water.

Every time you pass the refrigerator, drink some water. This is really
important. Water is essential to health and it's absolutely essential to your
reduction. And it quickly becomes indispensable! I promise! So, even if you're
addicted to soft drinks, you must cease and desist. Right now. This is the only
hard part of your reduction and it quickly becomes automatic.

2. Exercise. We don't want you to jump up and down or run 10 miles a day.
All we want you to do is make more movements every day than you do now.
Again, it's simple. If you're going to the 5th floor, take the elevator to the 4th
floor and walk up one floor. Do the same coming down. Just walk one floor.
That's not hard. Next week try two floors. At home, walk to the mailbox and
back a few times. Nothing strenuous. After a week, walk around the block.
Just once.

If these are beyond you, right now, no problem. When you're sitting in your
chair, move your arms. Out to the side and up and down. Move one leg up
and down. Move the other leg up and down. Stand up. Sit down. When you're
on your feet, walk to the television. Walk back. Do this a few times. Stand at
your chair, hold on, turn to the left, turn to the right.
Just make a few simple movements and increase them every day. It's not
rocket science and it will have an effect on your weight. The less weight you
carry, the more the swelling and stiffness in your joints will subside. The less
swelling and stiffness, the less pain you have.

3. If you have a pool, oh lucky you! The very best exercise you can get is
swimming or just underwater movement. Every day, please.

4. Clothing. Be comfortable. No tight clothing. Thank goodness no one wears
corsets any more but if you have any kind of constraining underwear, get rid
of it. Loose clothing only. Let your body breathe. Comfortable shoes are essential. No high heels. Go back to high heels when you can dance again. Until then, wear soft shoes like cross trainers. These need not be expensive. Soft soled trainers are on sale everywhere for around $15.00. You need to wear soft soles. The more cushioning the better. And have them big enough so your toes can spread out. No compression. Comfort, comfort is the key.

5. Attitude. You've heard all your life about the power of positive thinking.
Well, it's true. Positive thinking actually works. You are what you think and
believe. You find it difficult to move in the morning. Even getting out of bed is
a problem. You must channel this pain constructively. Be aware that every day you can make a small reduction in your pain by reacting positively and not with fear. You must say, I can move this much today. Tomorrow, I will move this much plus a little more. It works. Tomorrow your subconscious will trigger a little more adrenaline and your movements will be a little easier. Do this every day and you will be amazed at the range of movement you can make in just a week.
Nothing is easy and no matter how simple our suggestions are, they take
time, energy and total commitment. But the results you'll obtain will far
outweigh the effort you make. The medical profession believes that you
should take steroids to reduce the awful inflammation in your joints and lots of
pain killers to reduce the pain. Sometimes, both those remedies are

But, essentially, we believe in the holistic approach to disease and prevention
and cure. Disease is just that, dis-ease. To regain ease, we consider that the
body responds to natural forces, which treat the problem at source rather than
chemicals which either mask the symptoms or block the pain by acting on the
nervous system. Our customers write and tell us of their progress. We're here to motivate and encourage. But remember, I'm a lawyer, not a doctor. All my knowledge of this subject has been gained through trial, error and experience and from the
feedback of loyal customers who have worn Dealon Bracelets since 1976 and
who keep in touch with us on a regular basis.

If you need specific information, write and we'll tell you how to get it. or call 702-259-6455. We love to hear
from you! We wish you wings on your journey through life.

Author's Bio: 

Patricia R. Moynihan is an Irish lawyer who founded Dealon Bracelets in
1976. She travels extensively speaking on subjects as diverse as arthritis and
internet marketing. For more information, see
or contact Patricia directly at 702-259-6455.