Overcoming A Gambling Problem involves many techniques and methods.
Some are simple, some more complex.
Some are external,such as our actions, and others are internal.
Today, we'll be covering two internal aspects: Belief and Attitude.
As you read on, you're going to discover how to better ensure your success in beating gambling, by properly preparing your mind.

First, as you probably already know, our beliefs influence both our mood and our actions.

Henry Ford said "Whether You Think You Can, Or Think You Can't, You Are Right"

W. Clement Stone once noted "Whatever The Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve"

The very first step in overcoming a gambling problem, is to admit there is a problem. Unfortunately, some people never make it to this very first step.

The FACT you're reading this article right now is proof you've already achieved the first step.

The second step is having the desire to stop gambling.
If you lack this desire, please stop reading now and reevaluate what's most important to you.

The next step is to BELIEVE you can stop gambling.
This is easier said than done.
At the beginning of recovery, some of us battle with this truth.
This is easily understandable because for some of us, our gambling had beaten us down so many times and so much force, that we came to believe we were unable to stop our gambling.

BUT, the FACT that this author, along with thousands of Americans alone have permanently overcome their gambling addictions is PROOF that you can too.

The only thing that lies in your way, is the knowledge and action that we gained and took that led to our permanent freedom from gambling.

So, right now, as you sit in front of your computer reading this article, I challenge you to suspend the belief that you cannot stop gambling, because you can.

Imagine for a moment that you can stop gambling. Imagine yourself free of the grips gambling has on you. Picture the peace, happiness, and money you'd have if gambling were no longer an issue for you.

The image you have in your mind, can be your reality....and it starts by believing.

Unfortunately, believing is simply not enough.

As I mentioned before, there are many aspects to overcoming a gambling addiction.

Along with our belief, our attitude must be adjusted to the right frequency.
With that said, when we approach a program of recovery, (whether it be a meeting, coaching session, or the like) with an open mind and a trusting spirit, we add strength to ourselves and our recovery. If a suggestion sent our way is met by a "I don't want to do that" or "That's absurd" attitude, are we just setting ourselves up for failure?

What if instead we opened up, if just a little bit, and decided to consider what's being suggested to us? What if we said to ourselives "This worked for the person sharing it with me along with thousands of others, so it must work for me too"

Wouldn't this attitude set ourselves up for success rather than failure?

Please note: Belief and Attitude Alone will not solve a gambling problem alone.

However, tuning both our belief and attitude to the right frequencies gives us an excellent head start on the right path.

Author's Bio: 

Jason is a former compulsive gambler, author, and certified personal coach.
He's been helping problem gamblers stop gambling and build renewed, happier lives for almost 6 years.

To learn more about his coaching and get his complimentary ebook,
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