Are you an employee who possesses the need to have more time at home? Have you been considering spending some working hours telecommuting? My mother spends some work time as a telecommuter and I have some ideas of my own pertaining to what successful telecommuting entails. You will pick up five tips to make your telecommuting experience successful.

You Must Earn the Privilege to Telecommute

The first thing you must do to become eligible for telecommuting time is to prove you can be counted on. I have read that employees who get to telecommute are those who show they are reliable and responsible. If you have only been at your job for a short period of time and you have not learned every aspect of your position, it would probably be wise to delay asking to telecommute. Once you have mastered your job and you can present a plan to show your boss how you will handle your responsibilities away from the office, seek permission to telecommute.

Flexibility and Maneuverability are Important

You can assist your cause if you are flexible, you have a position that offers plenty of flexibility and you are capable of getting around your region easily. If you choose to telecommute, you will probably have to be available to receive telephone calls or E-mail messages for at least forty to fifty hours a week. You will probably have to possess access to a reliable vehicle in order to quickly travel from home to the office when it is necessary. Part of the reason why my mother is successful at telecommuting is she has her own car, she does not have to work a set schedule and she oversees several senior citizen centers.

Telecommuters Must be Accessible to Many People

To successfully carry out your desire to telecommute, you must make yourself available to almost everyone in your organization, especially if you are in charge of others. My mother has provided her home telephone number and cellular phone number to the administrators and employees who work at the centers that are under her control.

Having the Proper Equipment is Essential

It is okay if you have a cell phone but cell phones often lose reception or power; therefore, it is helpful to have a landline telephone when you must make or take an important call while telecommuting. You will need to have a fax machine if some of the people at the office you serve have a fax machine and prefer to have important paperwork faxed to them. My mother occasionally does work at home on the laptop computer her organization gave her.

Being Able to Work with Company Records is Important

Develop your record keeping, spreadsheet and database skills. My mother updates a database pertaining to her senior citizen centers by using Microsoft Excel.

Follow these tips to be successful at telecommuting!

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