You know how it is, some guys just seem to know how to talk to women. They mysteriously seem to be able to hold a conversation with a woman for hours and have her looking completely captivated the whole time. 'How can he find so many things to talk about?' you wonder, and 'what is his secret?' you are thinking. You know you are an interesting person and have plenty of things you can talk about, you are no Brad Pitt or George Clooney, but you are an okay-looking guy. You dress well and have a good job. So why do you seem completely unable to hold a decent conversation with a woman for more than 5 minutes before it becomes awkward and you dont know what to say?

'What is the secret of how to talk to women?' you ask yourself.

The Number One Thing to know is this: You must ask her questions about herself.

'Is that it?' you say and 'yes' that is absolutely it! It is the number one thing to know about how to talk to women and in fact it is the number one thing to know about talking to anybody whether male or female because it really is the secret art of conversation.

Why is this so? Because everybody loves to talk about themselves and so when you are striking up a conversation with a woman, you need to be more concerned about her than yourself. You do not need to impress her with anything about yourself initially, except that you are completely interested in her, because this shows her that you care and that you dont have an ego the size of a football stadium. You will find that women will ask you what they want to know about you once you engage them in their most favorite topic of conversation.....them. Once they ask you what you do for a living and what your taste in music is, then you can slowly reveal your amazing knowledge of 'number one hits of the 90's' or how you will make the 'Fortune 500' within 5 years. But make sure you steer the topic of conversation back to asking questions.

'What sort of questions should I be asking?'

Well, if their favorite topic is themselves, then you need to ask questions that will find out more about them, so asking them what they thought of the last World Cup soccer tournament, or what they think about the latest model of Ford motor vehicle, is not quite going to cut need to be a little more engaging than that . Women don't mind talking about more intimate things, especially if it arouses their feelings, so:

  • Ask them about their passions
  • Their hopes and dreams
  • What did they want to be when they were younger
  • What would they like to be
  • What are their real interests
  • What do they look for in a man
  • ........(boy! is that a subject to get them started on that could unleash a deluge of information for you). Keep the subject revolving around them, make them the central topic of conversation.

    So my last piece of advice here is to Just ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer and engage them in conversation. If a woman wants to know you, then you will have time to tell her more about yourself as things progress, so don't feel you have to get it all out there in the first 10 minutes. Take your time and get her interested by being interested.

    So try it out, it may take a little practice but with a little patience you will get there and I promise you this works.

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