What does it mean to "raise your vibration?" In these challenging times, you can sink into gloom or you can rise into personal power and self realization. The energy of the times supports your transformation into a being of higher self-knowledge and love. Everything is energy, and everything vibrates at a different frequency or rate. If you're vibrating at a fast vibration, you're closer to spirit. If your vibration is slower, you're swimming in the sea of human problems and dilemmas. You can raise your vibration and feel happier, more prosperous, and filled with love

What's it Like to Raise Your Vibration?

When you shift your focus to the world of light, you become more connected to the energy of the divine, more aligned with your essence, more imbued with experiences of peace, light, wisdom, prosperity, and well-being. When you're vibrating more slowly, you buy into troubles, struggles and difficulties. "Isn't that realistic?" you might ask ."Hey, look, I've got some big problems here!" you might say. You can do your best to heal, explore, understand, and transform these problems, and you can also move your awareness to another level of reality. Is CNN or your daily newspaper the only reality? Are your health and work problems all the reality that there is? Or is there something that's eternal that's on very few TV channels or only in some minds? When you raise your vibration, you look at the spiritual meaning behind the events of your life. You understand that you are made of energy, and you can shift the frequency of that energy by shifting how you perceive and how you live.

What Shifts Are Necessary?

You can become more conscious - paying close attention to all aspects of your life, and step-by-step shifting into greater and greater spiritual power.
You can ask yourself:
* How can I release my self-doubt?
* How can I let go of feelings of impoverishment?
* How can I minimize my fears?
* How can I center myself in my power?
* How can I be more conscious about how I treat other people or respond to how they treat me?
* How can I love people more instead of criticizing them?
* How can I meditate more?
* How can I stop complaining and feel more grateful for everything I have and everything I am?
* How can I choose foods more consciously?
* How can I think more beneficial thoughts?
* How can I bring more light and wisdom into my life?
And there is much more.

You and the Divine Purpose of the Universe

Eckhart Tolle said "You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold." You may feel it deeply inside yourself that you're here to bring a higher vibration to the world and create huge shifts in every aspect of life for yourself and others. You may love to work with light – white, golden yellow, violet or any other color, and you may be one who shines light wherever you go. This is the purpose you came here for, and you are truly needed right now. May you emerge from your challenges into a new level of existence in which you bring more light, love, and consciousness to the planet on which we live.

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