Husband and I Can't Agree On Where to Live: When Couples Disagree On Where to Live

I sometimes hear from women whose husbands have initiated a separation to try living apart for a while to see if the separation improves their marriage. Often, it is implied that this is only temporary and that at some point in the future, the husband will come home and try to work things out or the couple might decide that the marriage can't be saved (or that they don't want to save it) and they may take legal measures like a divorce. Either way, most people get a resolution where the living apart either ends to save the marriage or a divorce ends up being the result of being separated.

But what happens when there is no clear resolution? I recently heard from a wife whose husband announced that he wanted to continue to live separately and apart from one another for the long term. He even hinted that this might be a permanent solution. The wife said in part: "my husband and I have been separated for about seven months. To be honest, we are now getting along better than we ever have. We see each other at least 3 - 4 times per week and when we are together, we can focus on having fun rather than on things like household chores or the drudgery of day to day life. This keeps things fresh between us and I think we both believe that the romantic aspect of our relationship has greatly improved. This is one reason why I thought that he would eventually move back home. But yesterday he told me that he was leaning toward wanting to live apart full time. He said he'd seen a TV show where the couple were married but lived in separate homes and that, like us, they were very happy. I have to admit that I am happier with our marriage lately. But I always assumed that he would eventually come back home. If I had known that he would want to make the whole living apart thing permanent, I would have never agreed to let him go in the first place. What can I do about this? I don't want a marriage where I don't live with my husband. But I feel like if I push it, he'll just go ahead and get a divorce, which I certainly don't want because we are actually much happier."

There Are Very Happy Couples Who Live Apart On A Full Time Or Permanent Basis, But Both People Generally Agree On The Terms: Although this arrangement certainly isn't the norm, it's not totally unheard of or uncommon either. Some couples have found that living part really works for them. Usually, they get together regularly and some even have dinner together and interact on a daily basis. They may even stay at each other's place regularly. But typically, they both like having their own space. Many feel that this offers them the best of both worlds. And although some of their friends and family do not understand their arrangement, it works for them and they don't particularly care what other people think. Many in this situation tell you that many of the people who criticize their arrangement aren't nearly as happily married as they are.

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With that said, often the couples who are happily living in this situation both completely agree on the terms. So in order for this to work, both people need to be on board and in agreement about what is happening. Because if one person is only participating because they feel as if they really don't have any other choice, their heart is not really going to be in it and they are not going to be as happy as they probably could or should be. That's why if one spouse (like the wife in this situation) has reservations or hesitations, it's important to address and resolve them, which leads me to my next point.

Potential Strategies To Take When Your Husband Wants To Live Apart Full Time: The wife in this situation had some important decisions to make. When she looked forward, she just could not envision continuing to be happy if her husband was not ever going to live with her full time. She felt pretty strongly about this even though she openly admitted that, for now, they were both pretty happy with how things were going.

Considering this, I suggested that she shelf the issue only for right now. Her husband felt equally as strong on his desire to have his own space right now. So since things were immediately not only OK but pretty good, there was probably no need to push so hard that her husband was pushed further away from her and may not be as open and accessible as he was being right now.

Now, there may come a time in the future where she was no longer as happy and she had every right to renegotiate at that time. But, in my opinion, there was no need to thwart her happiness today by dwelling on what she may or may not feel tomorrow. So my suggestion would be to say something like: "I know that you want to live apart on a permanent and full time basis. I'm not ready to commit to that and I am not sure if I ever will be. But, I am happy right now and I know that you are too. Why don't want just continue on as we are and reevaluate in say, three months from now? Are you willing to do that? Why don't we talk about this again a little later and see how we are both feelings at the time. Does that work for you?"

Hopefully, the husband would be willing to make this sort of compromise since the wife was giving a little on the issue right now. Perhaps the husband would give a little on the issue in the future. But in my opinion, the couple was happy right now. They could always reevaluate in the future. But for now, I felt it was best not to compromise their tomorrows by worrying about anything more than today. They were doing a great job of saving and strengthening their marriage and they needed to continue on that path rather than placing their sole focus on where they would be living (and with whom) in the very long term future.

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Have you ever wondered to yourself, "does my husband still love me?" and then tried to be objective and honest when you answered to yourself? If so, you might find yourself in a painful situation. It is never easy to admit that the man you love is no longer in love with you - at least not as much as he once did. However, trying to be objective might prove to be very hard indeed. In trying to be objective, you might try too hard to judge correctly and misinterpret some of his actions to not loving you. So, if you want to learn whether your husband still loves you, read this and find out.

When kids arrive your husband might be so happy for this that he might spend his entire private life revolving around the kids. This might be a good thing for the kids but it might also mean that your husband is finding reasons to avoid you. Of course, you shouldn't mistake every happy moment your husband spends with the children for trying to avoid you. However, if the kids have grown and and going to school etc., and this situation persists and you're still asking "does my husband still love me", it might really indicate that your husband is avoiding you and has lost his role as a romantic spouse in favor of being a dad.

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When you are wondering "does my husband still love me", this might be because your husband seems emotionally distant from you, prompting you to question his love for you. This can be because a number of reasons. If you are not treating your husband as before, and are venting out your daily frustrations on him, then this might suppress his love for you and he might start avoiding you to escape a fight. But don't forget that even if his love for you is suppressed or masked because of things you have done, you can still "unmask" it by making an effort to eliminate all resentment you feel for him and start treating him as you should. However, you need to do this as soon as you can, because if this goes on, your husband's love for you might die altogether and you can find yourself in a divorce.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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Keeping a marriage alive and thriving can be a challenge unto itself. Many women find the dynamic between them and their husband changing as the years fly by. Whereas he was once in a great hurry to come home to sweep you off your feet, now he may be calling each night to say he'll be late because of a work issue. Most men generally aren't as willing to share everything they are feeling the way we are. If that's the case with your husband you may have trouble determining exactly what's in his heart. If you're concerned that he's on the brink of asking for a separation, there are some signs your husband is going to leave you that you need to be aware of.

One of the signs your husband is going to leave you is he'll work at being with you less than he was before. When a man is falling out of love with his wife he'll find it difficult physically to be near her. He'll look for excuses that will keep him away from home and away from her. If your husband is always working late or he's taken up a new hobby that keeps him out of the house, you should be concerned.

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Another indicator that his feelings for you have changed will be a shift in the frequency of intimacy between you two. Just as women often find it hard to be physical with a man when they are no longer feeling emotionally connected to him, the same is true of many men. If your husband has become very skilled with coming up with reasons for why you two can't make love, you need to view that as a red flag. There is generally a more serious issue at play when a man doesn't want to be with his wife in that sense anymore.

Some men find it easier to detach themselves from their marriage if they treat their wives poorly. Has your husband suddenly stopped being kind to you? In the past did he bring you flowers or gifts and that hasn't happened in awhile? Perhaps he has taken to criticizing your appearance or the way you cook? If any of these are occurring in your marriage chances are very good that your husband already has one foot out the door. Men are known to do this because it creates conflict between them and their wife. Once she starts to respond in anger he'll feel justified in leaving the relationship. Be careful how you react if your husband is indeed doing any of these things, particularly if you want to save the marriage. You don't want to play into his game.

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