Husband Has No Desire For Me: My Husband Has No Passion For Me Anymore

Are you wondering what happened to those loving feelings? You are still spending time with your partner, still doing things together, still sexually active, but just don't feel the intensity of love and passion that you used to. What happened to it? Did something go wrong in your relationship? Do you have the wrong partner? Although those are often the conclusions that people have, they are usually not the right answers.

If you stop to think about it, you might realize that you have experienced this same decrease in passion in other areas of your life. Relationships with other people, hobbies, sports, and even your religion were probably all more exciting for you at first than they were after a while. Usually with hobbies, people end up giving them up when the passion is gone. Are we forced into either enduring our relationships or giving them up? Or is there another possibility?

Try these 7 steps to inject passion into your relationship.

1. SLEEP ONE MORE HOUR PER NIGHT. You will live longer (making up for the extra sleep time), be healthier, achieve more, and be able to focus on your partner. Fatigue damages sexuality, romance, and intimacy and takes the fun out of everything except sleeping.

2. MAKE LISTS. We live in a busy world with a lot of demands. Waiting for the demands to go away, or for the schedule to let up is not going to be your best strategy. Unclutter your mind by making lists. Shopping lists, chore lists, gift lists, whatever. Just like a backpack full or rocks takes the fun out of a stroll, so a mind full of demands and obligations takes the fun out of time with our partner.

3. SCHEDULE. The belief that things need to be spontaneous to be good is an example of a belief which limits your enjoyment. Change it. You and your partner can schedule a regular date night each week. Take turns deciding what to do rather than playing the ping pong dating question game ("what do you want to do..I don't know, what do you want to do. . .?"). Schedule a regular time to be together each day as well, but don't make it too long.

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4. HAVE SOME QUIET TIME. Everybody needs some time for themselves, not just to do what has to be done, but for solitary play, enjoyment, peace, and reflection. When we don't have those things, we tend to become more and more scattered and tired.

5. DO SOMETHING THAT EXCITES YOU. Having something that excites you in life besides your partner can make you more excited about your partner. It also will make you more exciting to your partner. Don't use your partner as an excuse to not do what you want to do in life. Relationships are for sharing our lives with our partner--not for giving them up to our partner. What would that kind of freedom add to your relationship?

6. VARY YOUR ROUTINE. No matter how scenic the highway, it will become boring if you can only drive at 30 mph. Create a different kind of challenge in your relationship such as learning as a couple to dance, surf, camp, cook, or even start a business together. Don't wait for retirement to have fun. Time makes us regret not having done more with others while we still could.

7. INTENSIFY IT. Normally give your partner a quick kiss goodbye? How about intensifying it? Get the rest of your body involved, kiss longer, more deeply. Ask your partner what would make his or her toes curl if you did it. Why not do it? You can have the same passion with your spouse that you could have in an affair--without the guilt and damage.

Waiting for your relationship to be more fun is like waiting for your shoes to jump onto your feet in the morning. "I can't go out--my shoes haven't jumped onto my feet yet." Absurd, isn't it? If your relationship is not fun, passionate, or intimate, make it that way. Have fun. Be creative. Shake it up. Enjoy your relationship. Just because you are in a long term relationship doesn't mean that you have to act that way. Change the common idea that affairs are exciting and that marriages are dull into its opposite--marriages are fun and affairs are dull. We limit our behaviors more by our ideas than by any real world constraints. Learning to think in a different way means that we can learn to live in a different way.

If you are tired of your routine, there is a good chance that your partner is too. "I would like to make our relationship more fun and exciting, how about you?" is a good way to start that conversation. If that just won't work with your partner, a relationship coach, like the AAA, can get you on the road and where you want to go.

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If this sounds like you and your spouse, it's not too late. Your marriage can still be saved. Here are 2 things you can do starting today to save your marriage.

First things first, you are the only person who can make you feel what you feel. Meaning, if you feel sad, it's because you are focusing on what you don't want. If you are angry, it's because you are focusing on what you don't want. Change your perspective into a more positive one and you'll be surprised at how much better life can be. Here are 2 things you must avoid if you want to save your marriage.

Tip 1-Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself Right now, your marriage is falling apart. You can sit there and be defeated or you can take matters into your own hands. If you want to save your marriage, you are going to have to take actionable steps. Don't expect your marriage to change if all you do is think positive thoughts. You are going to have to take it into your own hands and hope that your spouse follows your lead.

Right now you can't change what happened to why your marriage is the way it is now. However, you can choose how to respond and take action to change the course of the direction your marriage is going. Before you say or do something, ask yourself if this will help my marriage or hurt it. Being aware of your actions and words can significantly prevent a fight from happening and help a heated argument cool off.

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Tip 2 -Stop Holding Your Anger In Have you ever seen a the steam in a pressure cooker? If you're not careful, you can seriously injure yourself. Imagine your anger as the steam, the longer you let it sit and fester, the more pressure builds up. Before you know it, with all that anger inside of you, you will eventually explode. Usually you will lash out during the most insignificant things, making you fly off the handle.

That's why it's so important for you to express your feelings when you feel them. It's not easy feeling vulnerable when you tell someone what they said or did hurt your feelings, but it's so much more beneficial in your relationship that holding it in.

When this happens, your spouse will notice that if you can feel comfortable enough to talk about your feelings and emotions, they can too. Usually when you hold things in, your emotions fester and your spouse has no clue how you're feeling. How are you and your spouse suppose to have a healthy and stable relationship if you guys cannot be honest with each other? This is something to keep in mind the next time you get your feelings hurt.

Small problems can grow into big ones if they aren't expressed. Try out these two tips mentioned above and see how significantly change the direction your marriage is going. It's not going to happen overnight, that's why this will take a lot of time and effort before you will feel as if your marriage is saved. However, that doesn't mean that you won't see big changes within a few days. Keep in mind if you and your spouse have been communicating in a certain way up until now, expect some resistance but don't give up.

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When it becomes obvious that a marriage is in trouble, people start looking for advice that will quickly save it before it's too late. My best "save my marriage" advice is simple, but not easy. My advice is to be yourself and be the "real deal."

How is being yourself going to help your marriage and why would this be hard? Well, when a marriage is in trouble, both partners begin to feel that the other person needs to change. If one person really wants to save the marriage, they can feel the pressure to change and they may try to become what the other person seems to want.

If you're the one who wants to save your marriage you need to take a hard look at who you have become. We all change to some degree after getting married. We change some things about our beliefs, our attitudes and even our personality. Too often though, people will change to try to become what they think their spouse wants them to be. This is where the problem starts.

When we start to change for our partner, things can become muddled and off track. For example, in the first few years of marriage, maybe you both shared household chores, you both took turns taking care of the kids, and you enjoyed watching T.V. together. Later, one partner begins to expect the other to do all of the cooking and cleaning, while they have complete control of the remote to the T.V. At first the partner who is expected to do these things may object, but after a while, they submit to this because they believe that's what their spouse wants. After all, that's love, right? Wrong!

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What's even more devastating, is that after a few years of this, the one spouse that seems to have all the power in this situation, tells the other that they want out. One person has changed the way they live life to become the person they think their spouse wants them to be, just to find out that that wasn't what they wanted at all!

Now don't misunderstand me. Change can be a good thing. Changing to try to be what you think the other person wants, is not. Become a better person. Change yes, but change the things about you that you think will make you a better person, don't just change to save your marriage.

If you are your "best self," the "real deal," and you've changed to be a better person, then you have just followed the best save your marriage advice you can follow. You will begin to like yourself for who you are and not for what you think someone wants you to be.

I have some great news for you. A person who is being the best person they can be is one of the most attractive people you will ever meet. Your ability to improve and save your marriage will rise by leaps and bounds when you stop trying to be something you think your spouse wants you to be, and just be the best person you can be.

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I recently heard from a wife who knew that some major changes were going to happen within her marriage. Her husband had been very open in telling her that the marriage was no longer working for him and that he wanted out of it. For a while, he flipped flopped as he was trying to decide if he wanted a separation or a divorce.

Recently, he had approached the wife and told her that he had decided that he wanted a separation rather than a divorce. The wife was relieved. She didn't want a divorce. But, she wasn't thrilled that he wanted a separation either. And, she didn't really understand what this all meant. She asked in part: "what does it mean when he wants a separation instead of a divorce? Is this is a good sign? Do I have a better chance of saving the marriage if there's a separation rather than a divorce on the table?"

The answer to these questions will depend upon the situation. However, in general a separation will certainly give you more time to play with than a divorce. And, it can mean that your husband still holds out at least some hope for the marriage. But, saving the marriage typically requires real change and action regardless of whether it is a separation or divorce on the horizon. I will discuss this more in the following article. But, I won't be discussing the legal ramifications to this. Instead, the information below is meant to help those who want to save the marriage and avoid ultimately having any legal issues.

Don't Place All Of Your Focus On Figuring Out If A Separation Is Better Than A Divorce. Focus On Your Relationship Instead: In situations such as this one, the wives who I speak with often become very interested in figuring out if they have dodged a bullet because a separation is better or less devastating than a divorce. And while it's true that this can mean you have more time and less ground to make up, both of these situations can be a serious wake up call and can turn out badly if nothing really changes.

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I often tell wives it's not necessary to split hairs in this situation. While a separation might feel better or seem to be preferable, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't work as vigorously to make as real and as lasting changes as you would if there were a divorce on the table.

Now's not the time to be complacent or indecisive. Whether your husband wants a divorce or a separation, it's pretty clear that he wants a break or some time apart. So, if you're in a situation where you want to save the marriage, it's sometimes possible to make this break work for you rather than against you.

Making The Separation Work For You So That This Isn't A Divorce: Many wives in this situation are looking for a way to save the marriage during the separation so that the divorce never happens. And, this is possible. But it often requires for you to take measured efforts over a gradual period of time.

It's absolutely normal to feel panicked and pressured when your husband asks for a separation. It can feel as if you must do something quite dramatic quite quickly. And, this can contribute to your acting desperate or out of control. It's important to remember that your husband likely perceives you and the marriage at least somewhat negatively right now. And this has to change. So, you have to be very careful of the type of behavior that you're showing him during and before this separation.

It may not feel intuitive, but sometimes in this situation you're much better off if you can attempt to draw on the positive rather than the negative. I know that this might be a challenge, but it's often necessary when you want to change his perceptions. You want to show him the optimistic, vibrant, upbeat, and alluring woman he was drawn to in the first place.

You want for him to remember why he fell for you to begin with. And you want to show him that perhaps he's wrong if he's thinking that the woman and the feelings are both gone and won't be returning. You want him to be pleasantly surprised to see that you're coping, capable, and focusing on the positive. You want to keep things as upbeat as is possible, even when it's difficult.

And, this all should seem quite natural. You don't want for him to think that any of your actions are part of any master plan. You don't want to push too hard or move too quickly. You want for him to think that everything is genuine and spontaneous. If he feels as though you're manipulating him, he's likely to pull even further away.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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