Husband Has No Desire For Me: My Husband Has No Passion For Me Anymore

A passionate marriage is possible, whether you're newlyweds or you've been married for decades. You can have a happy, successful relationship by committing to achieving bliss together, creating a vision of a passionate marriage, and setting the intention for it to become a reality. Of course, this won't happen magically; you have to work it to make it work. If you are willing to give this some serious thought and time and also be playful with this, you can achieve the results you desire.

Commit to achieving bliss together. When you have a common goal for your marriage, it is easier to achieve. Set some time aside to talk together about what you want your marriage to be like. Listen to each other without judging and take each other's ideas seriously.

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Create a vision of a passionate marriage. Use this time you've set aside to co-create your vision of the best relationship you can, letting your imagination run wild. This is your time to brain-storm. Your ideas may be different, but that's all right. Passion is light, playful, and fun, so make sure to enjoy this process.

Set the intention for your vision to become a reality. Once you've come up with your vision of a blissful, passionate marriage, write it down as an intention. Post it in a prominent place in your home, carry it with you, and schedule regular dates to re-examine your intention to keep yourselves on track.

As you can see, with a bit of commitment and imagination, you can create the marriage you have always wanted. Yes, it does require some work as a team. When you are both committed to making it happen, you will see the results you desire. Take time to enjoy the process of co-creation and let me know how it works for you.

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The key to keeping a marriage happy is to not assume it will be blissful just because you love each other. Although love is a key ingredient and vital to the marriage it's by all means not enough to keep you married. Your joyful hearts will not beat as fast when you gaze into each other's eyes after being married for a few days, weeks, months or years. To help your marriage thrive and not just survive keep these few things in mind.

The first thing you need to master is unselfishness. This requires both of you to set aside your personal preferences, wishes, desires and habits for the good of your marriage and family. This touches all aspects of your marriage such as intimacy, finances, responsibilities around the home and commitment to support each other's interest. If you just learn to practice humility and put what's best for your spouse and your family ahead of your own interest you will have a successful marriage and a blissful one.

The next thing to keep your marriage is master communicating with each other. It is vital to be clear when communicating and make sure you not only hear but understand what your spouse is saying or feeling. If you really pay close attention to your spouse you will understand what your spouse means or better yet needs from you. Communication should get easier as time goes on. If you find it more difficult to communicate it's time to nip this problem in the bud before it gets out of hand. All it takes is a little focus and a willingness or desire to want to hear and understand what your spouse is trying to tell you.

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There will be time in your marriage when it's obvious you are not practicing unselfishness or communicating effectively. The important thing is that you recognize when you are keeping your marriage from thriving by not giving your all in these two areas and taking the steps to get your marriage back on track.

It doesn't take much to get you side tracked with all of the pressures and distractions today. You may also feel at times that you are trying harder than your spouse to be unselfish and communicate openly and honestly. That's natural but don't give in to the temptation of acting the same way. You must continue to do your part until your spouse catches up.

Another way to keep your marriage blissful is to make sure you keep intimacy at the center of your marriage. I'm talking about all aspects of intimacy, not just in the bedroom. Hugging, touching and expressing love and appreciation daily will keep your marriage strong.

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It's really hard to think of any other issue as life challenging and emotionally draining as when a spouse is faced with saving their marriage. Our problems come in many shapes and sizes but at the end of the day they all boil down to similar issues across the board. Many times the answer is starring us right in the face, but we're to darn stubborn to see it. I'd like to share with you one of the most common, so that it might aid you in saving your own marriage from divorce.

One of the main things that comes up during this time is our relentless pursuit in preserving our own self pride. Many times it's this self pride which stands in the way of having the marriage we want or for that matter working out some of the simplest of marital issues.Think about this one for a minute, it comes in all forms.

Are you too proud to give in to some of your spouses demands? Are you too proud to compromise on what may be a marriage saving or ending decision? Are you too proud to seek out the proper help you need to save your marriage? Are you too proud to help out around the house, cook dinner for the family, do laundry or give your spouse a break when he or she needs it? Are you too proud to stand up for your spouse amongst family and friends in order to maintain those relationships?

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Pride can be the death of many a good relationship and marriage. But, at the end of the day weigh that pride against the potential outcomes of letting that pride down. Who ever said we should be self absorbed in our own egos to have self worth? Isn't it more of a triumphal sacrifice of ourselves to let that pride go in order to save what we hold most dear?

A lot of times it is the little things that make the most difference. Knowing when to give in. Having respect or the character to let your spouse have their way at times. Not always having to be right or the end decision maker. Having the character to seek out help when you need it, without fearing consequence to self pride or feeling like you failed because you couldn't fix your marriage without help. There is no shame in doing what needs to be done to save your marriage, don't let anyone misguide you into believing so or that you're somehow less of a man or women. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with your decisions, no one else.

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Despite the fact that over 50% of marriages end in divorce, optimistic couples still tie the knot in droves every year. They believe they will be different. They hope this is true. They spend tons of money on their dream wedding, go off on a fabulous honeymoon, and then hope to settle into eternal domestic bliss.

These couples truly believe they will be different. However, there's an old saying: "Thinking doesn't make it so." Just because you want something to be a particular way doesn't mean it will happen. It is more likely that you will be happy for a while, and then you will begin to repeat the patterns you learned in your childhood. You will do the things your parents did to each other. You may even fight to maintain these unhealthy behaviors, exclaiming, "That's the way we did it in our family."

The only training most people have ever received for being married is the example from their parents and relatives. Sadly, this training taught them how to be "miserable ever after." Most couples in love do not stop to think that they are unprepared for the part of marriage that involves actually living together. They truly believe that "all you need is love" and "love will keep us together."

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Unfortunately, love is not enough. You need relationship training. If you are serious about creating a great marriage, give yourself and the one you love a fighting chance to make it happen. Everything we do involves training:

*You went to school to learn (hopefully)
*You got training for your career and you have to do ongoing training to keep up with your profession
*If you wanted to be good at a sport, you trained for that, maybe even hiring a coach
*Learning a new language takes training
*If you've had a baby and taken Lamaze classes, you were training for the birth of your child

Whenever you want to learn something new you are training. So why are relationships so magical that you are supposed to automatically make them successful without any other training but the examples of your parents? Give your marriage a better chance to succeed. Train yourselves to become a loving couple who gives the best to your relationship. Yes, it takes some effort and your relationship is worth it!

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