Husband No Longer Attracted To Wife: My Husband Shows No Interest In Me Anymore

If you truly want to make your relationship stronger, just make your husband ultra-attracted to you. Although, it requires a lot of time and effort but you can reach the symbolic landmarks in the realm of your relationship.

Unfortunately, you can't take shortcuts to attract your husband. Because, shortcuts only devalue your relationship and undermine the every aspect of your life.

Some women assume that romance is the best possible shortcut that evade the pain of ordinary relationship. They don't understand that romance is a very small part of what makes a long-term relationship successful. In fact, in reality, it has never attracted their husband - emotionally and sexually.

What Is The Most Unique Quality You Own?

You'd be surprised to know that women's qualities are more valuable to men than their outer beauty. Have you ever thought why female celebrities, politicians, and players are extremely attractive for men? Well, it's because they have the unique set of qualities which are very different and attractive. Their unique qualities not only keep men under their charm but also sustain their desirability - years after years.

You also probably have hundreds of qualities, but what are the most unique qualities you own? If you are vague about your qualities then you can learn from one of the most desirable women - Marilyn Monroe.

In Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe always manages to stand out. In her era, she possessed the mind of men with her unique qualities and received heaps of whistles in appreciation. That's why, even today, she's irreplaceable for most of the men.

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Marilyn Monroe was a witty and confident lady with a great sense of humor who knows the art of making men attracted to her. Especially, the combination of her 3 qualities - speaking style, feminine nature, and colorful personality - transformed her into one of the most desirable women of this world.

So, if you wish to make your husband attracted to you, improve your speaking style, feminine nature, and personality. These three important qualities will lay the foundations of attraction in your relationship and make you irreplaceable in the eyes of your husband.

The Odd Trick That Attracts a Man.

It would be so comforting and reassuring for you to know that there is one odd trick which extremely attracts men. Attracting a man, especially your husband, can be a lot easier once you learn this below odd trick and understand the science behind it.

"Use Slow Body Language"

Move slow, breathe slow, and speak slowly. Just make everything slow. Using slow body language can do wonders not only from the aspect of attracting your husband but also becoming a seduction expert.

Watch the famous female celebrities who are desirable. You will observe that they move differently and slowly from other ordinary women. The slow movements of their body, and their slow speaking style, develops a desirable aura which makes men drool over them.

The fact is, men are visual creatures. They tend to respond quickly to visual things. When you use 'Slow Body Language' deliberately, you become visually attractive for them. In addition, your 'Slow Body Language' creates strong sexual anticipation which is usually very tough for men to handle, because it increases the sexual and emotional feelings in them.

That's why, using slow and smooth body language is vitally important if you want to make your husband ultra-attracted to you.

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A Better Marriage Thanks to the Sea!

Two into one

The sea ebbs and flows due to different influences on it, from whether the moon is waxing or waning, the level of atmospheric pressure, the shape of the coastline, the volume of river flow into it, and so on.

Relationships are like that too!

There are different external pressures on the two people involved. Each person has their own moods and energy levels. And we all have our preferred ways of communicating, for example different ways of saying or showing "I love you" or "I'm fed-up".


The sea has different tides, from the well-known daily high and low tides, to those over monthly time-frames, like Spring Tide (very high high-tides) and Neap Tide (very low low-tides).

And relationships go through tides - or phases. At times, you and your partner can be highly in-sync: for example both feeling very connected and lovey-dovey at the same time. And at other points, you might find yourself misunderstanding each other, getting on each other's nerves, and so on. If you're going through a rough patch, keep remembering that "this too shall pass". (There's debate as to whether that saying is of Sufi or Jewish origin.) And remember to keep appreciating your significant other during all phases of your relationship.

Give and Take

To borrow a phrase from the singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, there's an ever-changing, yet wonderful match between "the shoreline and the sea". Yes sometimes a cliff crumbles taking a building with it, but these shoreline changes also create new beaches, fresh habitats for wildlife, or additional harbours.

And so it is in lifelong partnerships. We don't get to have everything our own way, but we do get lots of chances to do something nice for our partner, or to grow internally through dealing with a relationship challenge, and find new ways to fit well together while still being our selves.

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Stormy Weather

Storms build-up at sea. There can be cyclones, hurricanes, thunderstorms, 30-foot waves and tsunamis. After all, the phrase "worse things happen at sea" had to come from somewhere! After the storm, the winds subside, the waves quieten, and the sun comes out again.

Marriage is no different. Whether a couple argues or goes silent, pressure builds-up and it will find release in one way or another. The key thing is argue constructively: focusing on behaviours rather than slinging insults at an entire person. For many people, that takes learning and practise but it can be done.

A Sea for all Seasons

In Winter the sea is choppy, colder, it may ice over, sea-life often hibernates. Spring brings increased sunshine, a thaw, mating rituals. Each Summer brings high levels of sunlight, and raising young creatures, while Autumn or Fall sees seaweed growth slowing and sea temperatures falling again.

Over time, relationships also change. Significant life changes can occur to the couple, whether it's career change, raising a family, changing life priorities, fluctuating finances, empty nest syndrome, menopause, mid-life crises, and so on. As each person grows and matures, what they want from life can change. All of these can have a positive or a negative effect on the relationship. It's up to the couple to be actively open to the happy possibilities that change brings, as well as its uncertainties.

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Are you aware of the current signs that you and your partner are expressing to each other? Communication and compromise are key to surviving and maintaining a healthy and prosperous marriage. Let's face it, you do not want to be hopping from relationship to relationship all your life to find out that in the end you will possibly be miserable and alone because you had to much pride and were not willing to compromise with your partner.

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There are marriage counseling services offered for couples before they get married. This helps them to decide if they do want to get married to each other or not. It can be a great way to work through possible problems that could have a serious effect on the quality of that marriage as well. There are services that you go to as a couple only or that you will attend with several other couples at once. There are benefits of each method. Marriage counseling services with just the two of you allows you to really open up and to focus on your needs as a couple. When you have other couples around, you may be less likely to express yourself. However, it can also help to see that you are not the only couple that needs some assistance with your marriage.

Some marriage counseling services focus on communication while others deal with specific concerns. For example, there are those that are designed for a whole family to benefit from when the marriage is suffering due to other circumstances. There is online counseling, too, for those that want to remain anonymous but want help at the same time. As you explore the options, you should be able to find what is going to work best for your own marriage.

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