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Emotional affairs turning intimate is not unusual. In fact, psychologists and experts believe that emotional infidelity usually leads to a sexual relationship if it is not stopped right away. And that it is like a gateway to a physical one. The time frame as to when this happens depends on the proximity and the frequency of connection. For instance, a cheating husband and his co-worker talk and see each other everyday, then it won't take long when their emotional affairs turning intimate. Another factor is the relationship of the husband with his wife. Are they getting along fine? Or are they still intimate with each other?

What usually happens is that the spouse develops an innocent friendship with someone of the opposite sex. They constantly talk and share different things - even personal things and secrets. They hang out almost every time or have lunch together and sometimes, there can even be flirting. Then suddenly, a deep emotional feeling grows within them. A feeling that makes them want to spend more time with each other.

There is also sexual attraction within them although they do not express it or show it. Even if the husband is making love with his wife, he still thinks of her.

This type of affair involves investing emotional attachment to the other person which you should have given to your wife. This usually results to a deeper connection between the husband and his special friend. This is why many believe that an emotional affair is cheating. It involves intimacy and romance. The cheating spouse is also being dishonest and deceiving to his wife.

The best way to stop this is to prevent the emotional affair in the first place. As soon as the husband is caught, he should be confronted right away. Counseling is very helpful if the situation has gotten worse. There are also online programs that deal with emotional affair.

Emotional affairs turning intimate usually happen when the wife does not do something about it. There should be a conscious effort on the wife to prevent it from occurring.

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Save your marriage by learning that there are some relationship games you must never play.

Perhaps we should start with an explanation of what we mean by relationship games. The games that you should avoid are the emotional head games or cheating. These games can hurt your marriage and kill your relationship. Nothing is worse for a marriage than one of the partners cheating and making the other feel sad or inadequate or guilty just so they can feel good.

It is understandable how married couples get involved in these marriage games. It is very easy to feel that you are being taken for granted by your partner. If you are the one feeling down it is easy to want to play these dangerous head games. You might think it is the only way to get even. The idea being, you will hurt your partner to teach them a lesson. These games never work. Remember there are no winners in these relationship games.

Can you get brief satisfaction from playing these marriage games? Yes you can. Just remember that every time you hurt the one you love you will drive a wedge into the relationship. That wedge can never be removed. It is true that you can not un-ring the bell. All you can do is regret doing it. The memory never goes away. Do you see why it is important to avoid relationship games if you want to save your marriage?

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Do not let your marriage or relationship go into a downward spiral that could end in divorce over a need for short term satisfaction. Do not continue to do damage to your relationship by inserting more wedges. If you are responsible for enough hurt you will not be able to bridge the emotional separation that hurt will cause.

Try stepping back and take a look at your relationship. Take a positive approach to any disagreement. Instead of striking out with bad emotional responses communicate your feelings openly and ask you partner to do the same. Change the focus from feeling a need for revenge to doing whatever it takes to make things better.

It will not be an easy task. You will have to put your feelings aside and not let your pride get in the way. Take an assessment of your behavior. Change your behavior to show your partner that you want to save your marriage and relationship. Do not seek individual satisfaction when it is unnecessary. You may be pleasantly surprise by the reaction of your spouse. It will be a positive change from previous behavior. It will allow the two of you to understand each other well enough to save your marriage and strengthen your relationship.

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Do you feel your marriage has reached its breaking point? Don't worry, there are ways to fix broken marriage problems, no matter how difficult and hopeless they seem.

- First you'll have to clear things out, and take some time off the busy city and all the modern life impediments. Take some days off and go to a remote location where you both can concentrate on each other and your marriage problems.

- Don't wait for a problem to grow bigger and uglier. Talk about it and try to fix it as soon as it gets remarked. Always hit problems head on, in time they will only get worse. Ignoring minor problems won't help you fix broken marriage issues.

- Be sure you have a clear money strategy you both agree on. Many problems arise because of monetary disputes and misunderstandings. If you both know what to expect about your financial future, then you won't be taken by surprise by any money problem and arguments on this matter will become pointless.

- Make time for each other. It's very important not to get stuck in a boring routine witch will finally cause you to completely forget and ignore you partner's hopes and wishes.

So you see even when it's all ruined there are solutions. Hope dies last, make sure you remember that. The trick is to try as hard as you can and stop being so critical of your spouse's every action and wish. To fix broken marriage crisis you'll need to look deep inside your soul and find the person you married in the first place, stripped of all the good and bad years you spent together.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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I believe that many marriages derail and end in divorce because both partners ignore the very obvious warning signs. I'm not sure why people, particularly women, stick their heads in the sand when things are beginning to fall apart. Probably fear. They are afraid of conflict, afraid of change, afraid of the unknown, and quite possibly afraid of the truth. People don't want to "see" problems, so they put on a smile in between fights and just pretend everything is alright.

Below is the top ten list of reasons to seek professional help with your marriage in order to prevent divorce.

1. If you are afraid your partner is having or flirting with having an affair.

2. If you are having an affair or thinking of one.

3. If your partner is controlling you by controlling the money.

4. If you are afraid of anything your partner might do or do to you or to embarrass you.

5. If you are frequently made to feel small, stupid, or ugly.

6. If either partner is dealing with active substance abuse or addiction.

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7. If either partner has been in an unplanned unemployment for more then six months.

8. If issues about infertility are creating conflict or stress in the relationship.

9. If issues about money or financial stresses have been causing fights for more then four weeks.

10. If either of you are not happy.

Now, if you are afraid of being physically harmed, or afraid your children are in danger, you must get out, right now. However, if you aren't in imminent danger, just danger of being miserable another day, you have time and you owe it to yourself to do everything you can possibly do. You won't regret trying to get professional help. You might regret leaving a marriage not having tried.

Relationship coaching or counseling can do be done as a couple. However, if that's not on the table you are far better off to go it alone then not go at all. When you take this step even if you don't save your marriage, all is not lost, you might just save yourself.

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