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If your spouse is emotionally cheating, you should not allow it to continue thinking that it won't harm your marriage because it certainly will. Although no sex or any other type of physical contact is involved, an emotional infidelity can ruin a lot of relationships and cause divorce. What makes this type of infidelity very complicated is that its signs are very hard to detect.

Emotional infidelity is not a new occurrence but it is now one of the hottest topics in relationship discussions as it is just recently found that it is as, or even more, damaging than a sexual affair. An emotional affair is a kind of relationship that involves only emotional intimacy and feelings but does not include any sexual activity.

Emotional cheating happens when a married, or at least a committed person, gets involved with another person not the spouse in an emotionally intimate way. There are hidden desires and attractions that are inappropriate. They talk a lot and enjoy spending time with each other. They share secrets and problems - even problems regarding their own marriages. Although they feel guilty deep inside and say that they still love their spouses, they find it very difficult to end their affair.

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The emotional investments that a person should have given to his or her spouse will go to another person and this will result to a weakened marriage over time. An emotionally cheating spouse is breaking the trust and is being dishonest to his or her partner. And most of the time, this results to a divorce or separation. These behaviors are already considered as breaking the marriage vows.

An emotionally cheating husband or wife should be confronted immediately and measures must be made to prevent him or her from doing it again. Like any other problems, it is much easier to solve an emotional affair during its early stage.

Occurrences of emotional affairs are very common over the Internet and in the workplace. There are a lot of instances of cheating in chat rooms and social networking sites. The Internet is also being used to reconnect past lovers and very close friends. Emotional affairs are also prevalent in the workplace because this is where a lot of people spend most of their time.

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Marriages are complex relationships that involve many factors from children, work and even family. People often make mistakes that can lead to devastating consequences. Here are three of the main mistakes that couples make.

Mistake #1 Wanting to be understood before seeking to understand.

Many couples start off with this problem. They want to express their feelings and be understood without letting the other person do the same.
It is important that you take the time to listen as well. Your partner needs to be understood and heard just as much as you do and it is incredibly selfish to not allow them that when you yourself would like to be given that courtesy.

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Mistake #2 Lack of communication.

Getting caught up in life is one of the main problems to over come with communication. Some of us lead lives that are so busy we rarely have time for our loved ones and when there are kids involved, we tend to give any free time we have to ensure that they have the life they deserve. But it is important to find the time to talk to each other. Ask how their day was, or anything that might be bothering them. Listen and then share your own experiences.

Mistake #3 Not spending enough time together.

Finding time to bond and share experiences together is crucial to keeping a marriage together. After all, this is the reason you got married in the first place. By not spending time together, you end up growing apart and finding other people to spend time with which can lead to infidelity and distance between couples. Avoid this by making dates, hiring a babysitter once in a while and just having fun together.

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One problem marriages often experience is that one or more of the people involved in the relationship are working so hard and so much that they don't have time to spend with each other. It comes a marriage of convenience, when they have some free time they may talk or do something together, or just be in the same room with each other and think that's enough to keep their marriage afloat, but that is completely untrue.

Marriage is something you must work hard at to keep working properly. It requires regular maintenance and attention paid to it. Communication with your partner is not something you do every once in a while when you feel like it, it's a continual process which should be done everyday. If you find that you are working too much, then cut back your hours. If you cannot afford to do so, then find other time in the day to spend with your partner doing something, anything together as long as it moves you forward as a couple.

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If you aren't doing these things regularly it may not start to show now but it will eventually. You will become too tired to do anything together and eventually become miserable, or even worse, become comfortable in a place of numbness and indifference. This is the worst place to be because it's the hardest to escape, when we become comfortable with being miserable. You have to get uncomfortable by realizing the situation you are in and also thinking of ways you can turn it around. You don't truly want to be miserable so wake up and start taking steps to change things with your partner.

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Let's face it. We all change and we all experience things in life that seem to come out of nowhere. They are unexpected and difficult to deal with. But we have to deal with them. But we don't have to succumb to them. We can avoid what seems to be inevitable outcomes.

Divorce is so common nowadays, and often forms because of ego's clashing and the failure to come together or mend situations or solve problems which arise. But we can avoid divorce and not fall victim to it.

Here are 3 ways to avoid divorce:

Focus On Your Early Years. This is huge. If you can get back to that center, you can begin to solve problems and conflicts which have arisen. There was a reason you got married; a sensual, pleasurable and loving reason that you felt the urge to form this union. Remember the person you married and remember, that same person is in there somewhere. We all naturally grow into "other people", but we all maintain our core; that part that was so strong that forming a life long union was a highly desirable action to take. Focus back on your early years and think about getting those good, original and pure times back.

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Rise Above The Conflict. It takes a real man or real woman to rise above the conflict. The small men and women who fall victim to divorce, also fall victim to their inability to rise above conflict. And if you take an honest look at the conflict, it usually pales in comparison to the love you once shared. Yet couples just can't let go. They harbor guilt and pain and let their ego's run wild rather than standing tall and taking the higher ground.

Seek Help and Good Advice. Seriously. Another part of controlling your ego has to do with allowing yourself to seek some help. No one is above help. We all can use it, should use it, and should take advantage of all the different avenues where good advice is available. This doesn't always have to be just "counseling" either (though that can be a very good option). But you can find good advice by simply reading good relationship guides or books. Many people have been there before and do have an honest and true passion to help others deal with relationship problems. Take advantage of good advice. It can indeed avoid divorce.

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