Husband Wants Me To Leave Him: Husband Told Me To Get Out Of His House

I recently received an email from a wife who was beside herself at her husband's insistence that he no longer wanted to be married. He had not yet filed for divorce but he gave the wife the impression that this was where he was heading. The wife was absolutely devastated. She had pretty much built her life around him and her children and she did not know how she should cope or even react to this news. She feared that the days ahead would be a huge struggle and she did not want for her family to see her this way.

She wanted some advice as to how she could cope with this in a more positive way. And, it was also her hope that if her husband could see her in this more positive light, he might change his mind about no longer wanting to be married. In the following article, I will share some of the pointers that I gave to the wife.

Things Can Change. Don't Assume That Your Husband's Feelings Today Won't Change When The Circumstances Change: I understood that this husband seemed pretty sure that he was done with marriage. But, he hadn't yet filed for divorce and seemed to have no immediate plans to do so. So, there was really no need to panic and to overreact as though the divorce papers were already signed. Honestly, men are very often turned off by excess drama, so try very hard to not let him see this side of it where you are concerned.

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Many women will panic, overreact, and make grand gestures or have over the top conversations that are only going to push the husband further away. You want to try to be as calm as you can and reply in a way that insinuates that you're willing to do whatever is necessary so that you can both be happy and at peace (as much as is possible) during this process. If your husband knows that you aren't going to turn on the drama every time you are together, then he will be more accessible to you because he doesn't feel like he has to go into self preservation mode.

Focusing On Bringing Your Best Self Back Will Often Help Your Bottom Line As Well: I know that you might not feel like walking on air right now. In fact, it's likely that you just want to pull the covers over your head, stay in bed, or sit up all night watching reruns and eating pizza. It's so easy to get down on yourself and your situation in times like these. But, this is precisely what you must not do. One of your main goals right now is to appear desirable and worthy to yourself, your children, and your husband. This is not likely if you're moping around and focusing on the negative.

I know that you may have to fake this at first. I realize that I'm asking you to pull out an academy award winning performance. But do you know what? Once you show yourself that you can do this, you will feel better about yourself and your situation. If you show every one the best version of yourself - that content, capable and confident woman that your husband first fell in love with, your situation may just change in more ways than one.

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It's very important that you focus, day by day, on the things that are going to make it easier for you to cope and to make you feel more positively about yourself and your situation. This might mean focusing on your children, going out with your friends, or doing some things that you've long wanted to do. I understand that this may be a challenge. But this is important and helpful in so many ways. You're telling yourself that you are worth your best efforts. And over time, your conscious mind is going to get with the program. This will become a little easier with time. And, when your husband looks around, he will see someone who appears quite a bit more desirable than a woman who is moping around and not displaying a whole lot of self respect.

Conducting Yourself With Positive Integrity Helps A Great Deal With Your Husband's Perceptions: No matter what the reasons are behind your husband's no longer wanting to be married, his opinion about this is most definitely based on his perceptions. For whatever reason, he thinks that the marriage is no longer working for him and is not giving him the pay off that he wants. He thinks that things just can not change to his satisfaction. Your job is to show him that these perceptions were and are incorrect.

And often, when you display the person that he thinks has long been missing he will begin to realize that maybe he's been wrong about some things. And, if he's willing to see that this perception might have been wrong, he will in turn be much more likely to consider that he may have been wrong about some other things also.

Yes, in this way, your attempts to appear better and feel more positive is, in a sense, part of a master plan. But, if it also makes you feel better about your situation and about yourself, what is the harm in that?

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Some couples are asking if friendship really matters in marriage. The answer is a definite yes. Even though you did not start as good friends before you started dating, it is still important to maintain a friendly relationship when you're married.

What this means is that apart from being a romantic couple, do find time to enjoy each other's company as if you're very good friends. You're married anyway so there's no reason why you and your partner can't be the best of friends for life.

Some couples tend to be shy about sharing their thoughts and emotions with their spouse. But this should not be so. It's best that you are open to your other half. Don't be shy if you have something to confide in him or her. You need not go into every detail but if you feel like sharing an important thought or happening, discuss it with your spouse rather than keep it to yourself. This is one way of showing your respect and appreciation of your spouse as your partner in life. Psychologists totally agree that respect and affection are vital to any relationship.

Dating time should also continue even when you're married. It doesn't matter where you go as long as you spend time just the two of you together for several hours or an entire day. By doing this, you are giving each other importance despite your busy schedule. What you should do is plan a different activity each time. It doesn't necessarily have to be a dinner at a restaurant all the time because there are other exciting things that you can do as a couple. It can be hiking at a nature reserve park, biking around, going on a picnic, taking a walk at the beach or park or watching concerts.

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Marriage psychologists also suggest giving yourself a "me" time occasionally. This is the time you allot to yourself and your time spent away from your partner. Each of you has his own set of friends and interests and it is vital as well to separate yourself from the relationship every now and then to enjoy things you love to do. But again, do share your plans for a friends' night or day out with your partner so he or she won't be left guessing. Your partner should be able to understand this as long as he or she knows it's just clean fun.

Another essential part of friendship in any marriage is to treat each other right. Just because you're married and you consider yourselves as good friends does not give you the right to mistreat your partner regardless of where you are. Treat your spouse with respect and you'll earn your share of respect from your partner.

Along with this is to develop the attitude of tolerance. Your patience may be short but if you truly love your partner, you need to stretch it more. Nobody is perfect so be able to accept your partner's flaws and not find faults in him or her every time you're not feeling well.

So keep the friendship and you have a great chance of keeping your marriage for good.

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Marriage help for women are specific advices aimed to inform, enlighten and motivate women to make a truce with their husbands to achieve a more peaceful and lasting relationship. Of course, doing so is not always easy; knowing your husband inside and out, you could easily say that he will never change his old habits and this will only frustrate you in the end. But then again if you will look closely on the dynamic of marriage help for women, it is about having trust and confidence in your husband that he still has the opportunity to change and become a more loving person to you.

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This particular goal also requires a woman some actions. Marriage help for women emphasize the point that if a woman wants to affect a change in the personality and qualities of her husband, she needs to begin the process of transforming to a better and more caring and compassionate wife. By understanding the needs and by becoming more responsive to the desires and aspirations of your husband, you could make him decide to follow suit; this will eventually assist you in attaining the goal of having more peaceful and loving relationship with your spouse.

Of course, transformation is never easy, but if you realize that this is the best way for you to save your marriage and not end up in divorce, you would be willing to go the extra mile of changing yourself for the better.

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So what's the problem with Christian marriage today? The problem is men and women have not been taught in their church to partake in their God-given roles and duties in the ways of the Lord and consequently complete chaos and confusion has ensued. Society has turned marriage and love upside down!

Christian roles for marriage have become perverted. True or false?

Immoral Christian culture has taken hold of Christian society. True or false?

Feminism has turned a wife's responsibility in marriage upside down. True or false?

True, True, and True!

God's Word has not changed just because it is the twenty first century! Husbands still have the God-given responsibility to protect and provide for their wives in the ways of the Lord. Unfortunately most Christian married couples do not understand the Godly principles that are attached to the husband being the spiritual head and confusion has ensued.

What Are The Responsibilities of the Christian Husband?

* To seek God's will for his life and marriage

* To provide for his wife financially

* To love and care for his wife the way Christ does His people-The Church

* To protect his wife from outside influences and abuses

* To put his marriage first, above everything else including his work and children

* To discipline and love his children in the ways of the Lord

Do you think that if a husband were living out his purpose for marriage his wife would have a problem submitting to that purpose? I think not. But what is happening now in Christian marriage is the wife works all day, and she is tired too, and the result, both husband and wife begrudgingly do merely what is needed to sustain some sort of balance in the home. But they are both emotionally drained.

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In some instances, because of needs not getting met, husband and wife become disrespectful with each other. This unappreciative attitude keeps the household system in an unorganized and chaotic uproar. Pretty soon they begin to blame each other for the disarray of the marriage. The wife starts getting bossy with her husband and the husband gets bossy back and they both seek solace from outside influences.

Where is walking with the Lord, as the Christian is instructed to do?

What Are The Responsibilities of the Christian Wife?

* To seek God's will for her life and marriage

* To submit to her husbands spiritual management

* To respect and honor her husbands position

* To be a help-meet to her husband by helping to make their marriage and family life productive in and for the Lord

* To put her marriage first, above everything else including work, and even children

What can married Christian couples do today to save their marriage from becoming just another worldly marriage? They can bring God into the marriage and follow the God-given responsibilities that Christ has taught for couples to follow in marriage.

Do you see how when couples unknowingly keep God out of their marriage they begin walking as individuals instead of one flesh? The wife does her thing and the husband does his thing. But when you care for your marriage in the ways of the Lord, God's influence encourages you to be givers for each other-its part of the blessings of marriage.

On the flip side of the coin, when God is far from our own hearts, we become self-seeking, self-centered, and unappreciative and behave in ways that go against the will of God in marriage. Is it any wonder most marriages end in divorce or are unhappy?

Ask yourself, "Am I doing the will of God when I do this?" If the answer is no then pray about it. Ask Christ to guide you in the proper ways and lead you to being the man or woman that He would like for you to be for your marriage.

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