I Cant Stand My Husband Touching Me: Why Don't I Want To Sleep With My Husband

Are you feeling such strong resentment and negative feelings toward your husband that you're actually saying I hate my husband?

If you are I'm sorry that you're feeling that way, but let's try to see if there's a way for you to fix this or if it's time to just get out.

There are different situations for everyone. Sometimes it's worth it to repair a marriage, and other times it's not. If there is any abuse at all, then it's most likely NOT!

If it's something else then you have to get to the bottom of why it is exactly that you're feeling emotions like "I hate my husband". Very often we will confuse our emotions, and unfairly point an emotion toward a person rather than what is actually bothering us.

You know that this happens, but maybe you just haven't realized that you may have been doing this in your marriage.

One of the things that may have happened is that your expectations of what your marriage was supposed to be like have not been met. This happens a lot, especially in marriage. People have an ideal about how a marriage was supposed to be. Usually it's an unrealistic one because of course when we imagine something we conveniently leave out all of the negatives and little annoying nuances in our imaginary marriage. We imagine all of the happy parts and discard what we know is more like the truth.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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The fact is marriage is work. It's an ever changing event, but what's more important in a marriage are the players in the marriage.

The players in the marriage are you and your husband, meaning that you get 50% of the share of handling your side of the bargain. The only part that you can do anything about is your own so side of the deal, and very often that will help the situation.

Will it help you stop hating your husband? Who knows, but the truth is that unless your husband is abusive and controlling, and if you have any positive feeling for him at all (he's funny, he's handsome, he's polite, he's a great father, etc.) then the feelings of hate are less hate, and more disappointment.

And that disappointment is likely less about the person that your husband turned out to be (because he's basically the same person) but the disappointment that the marriage didn't meet your expectations.

Now you have to either change your expectations (which is something that you should consider) and/or change the part of the marriage that you have control over changing...YOU!

That might just mean seeing the marriage from a different perspective. That perspective may need to be a more realistic perspective. But there are plenty of other things that may need changing. If you want to not be a part of a statistic, and actually repair your marriage, then it's up to you to find out what that is.

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"How to make a marriage work" is never a simple thing. There are many keys to a successful marriage, and a lot of things to do when your marriage is failing. However, if you are able to get good marriage advice and grasp the basics, it can be very easy to fix a broken marriage. What you need to do is just to find the right marriage advice, which can be the hardest work amongst all. I am a person who was in your situation - I wanted to learn what to do when your marriage is failing. I wanted to learn how to have a successful marriage. The advice and counseling I found on the internet was all but worthless - but once I came upon the right advice, I immediately made lots of progress and saved my marriage. Without further ado, I want to share them with you.

Keys to a Successful Marriage

It is common knowledge that what makes a successful marriage is communication. Regardless of whether your marriage is failing or not, communication is ALWAYS a must in order to make a marriage work. Why? Because when there is healthy communication, there is no need (or room) for speculation. What kills marriages is usually speculation: "my husband doesn't love me anymore" or a mere "I wonder if he loves me as much as I love him?". These are doubts and questions enough to cause a lot of trouble in your marriage. Both you and your spouse are always open with your feelings - this is how to have a successful marriage. And even if it is failing, you can always fix a broken marriage by communicating rightly. After all, communication is the key to a successful marriage. But, how can you put this theory into practice?

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How to Communicate With Your Spouse

Successful marriage tips always indicate towards being open with your spouse. However, this doesn't mean that you have to tell whatever you are thinking to your spouse. If your marriage is failing, the worst thing you can do is to sit down with your spouse and argue everything to the point with him. Unfortunately, this is what people understand as the answer to the question of "how to communicate with your spouse". It is not healthy communication if it will obviously lead to a fight. The key to a successful marriage is understanding. If your spouse doesn't talk to you, or there is a lot of tension, what you need to do is to not fight back, but to understand them and give them the space they need. A little personal space and personal time you give to your spouse can make an enormous difference in fixing your broken marriage. If your marriage is failing, it is inevitable that it's not just you who feels the stress - your spouse does, too. So, when you are giving them space, you are doing the best and most healthy communication: You are giving the message "I understand you. I respect your need for space. I give it to you." What an incredibly beneficial marriage advice to give to someone whose marriage is failing!

This is like killing two birds with one stone: You are both giving your spouse the above message which is a big thing in itself in repairing "bad blood", and by giving them space you are relieving your spouse's continuous stress. Don't be in the face of your spouse all the time. Keys to a successful marriage, like said before, are many; but all (and I mean all) of them are related to respecting your spouse's needs when the time comes. Fixing a broken marriage requires more than mere "talking and sorting out of all the problems" because when under stress, talking does not solve all problems.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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There are several things we begin doing when we're first informed that our loved one has become unhappy in the marriage and is ready to end it. Many of which come naturally to us and are almost impossible to avoid in the beginning. The main reason we tend to foul up our chances to save our marriage at first, is that for most, we never saw it coming nor did we know to prepare for such a day. It's not like we have a back up plan or a to do list when we're faced with a potentially failing marriage. So many times, we end up making things worse.

You may or may not have already realized this. It may seem like everything you do right now is just pushing your spouse further away. And, you're right.

I know you have good intentions, you want to make things right and you'll do just about anything and everything under the sun to make it happen. In fact, you're so willing that you find yourself doing things you thought you'd never do. But, here in lies the big problem. You're so desperate to save your marriage, that you've lost sight of who you are and how to behave rationally. Which is all perfectly natural. You've become so consumed with saving your marriage, you're unprepared and living in the moment. This kind of uncontrolled behavior is working against you.

See, we're not very good at thinking on our feet when we're in the middle of a marriage crisis. We often say and do things in the moment that have consequences we can neither foresee or control. It has such a grip on you that it basically controls everything you say and are about to do. The feelings of hurt, anger, confusion and possibly betrayal are so powerful that they often dictate our actions during this trying time.

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So why is all of this so bad when we're trying to save our marriage? Because this type of desperate, uncontrolled behavior if left unchecked will often be what ends our marriage.

I know your heart is in the right place, and you feel like if you don't say or do something every chance you get it could be your last. But, don't let this since of urgency and panic damage your marriage any further. You have to understand, that everything you do right now is absolutely critical to saving your marriage. Every heated argument that you let get the best of you, the things you say that you probably shouldn't have could be the final straw. All of the times you may have cried to your spouse, begged or pleaded with them to stay, bothered them at work about the marriage trouble or cornered them every chance you had to discuss it further are just making things worse for you.

It is absolutely without a doubt the most important thing you can do right now. Getting control of your emotions so that you are back in control. By taking this step fist, you have already increased your chances to save your marriage ten fold. When you are back in control, then the next steps needed to save your marriage will fall into place. Now you can start focusing on how you're going to handle these situations so that they work to your advantage, carefully planning what you're going to say and do to save your marriage. And most importantly, not just talking about it, but doing it.

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Does it seem like the person you married is slipping through your fingers? Do you want to get them back and restore your marriage to the way it used to be? There is in fact various ways that you can about doing that and once again have the marriage that you were meant to have. Many couples often lose sight of the important things between the two of them. It's easy to do so with two hectic busy lives and not enough time in one day. This article will give you some of the tools you need to have a happy and successful marriage.

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You can start improving your relationship by listening to and communicating with your partner on a larger level. By this I mean that you have to start talking about your deeper more intimate feelings instead of just casual things. Often times couples avoid doing this because it can mean bringing up painful feelings and thoughts, but it is what you need to start doing in order to see real progress.

A happy marriage is one where both people involved know how to properly speak to each other and also listen. Listening consists of more than just hearing what the other person is saying, it means giving them your full undivided attention in order to truly listen to them and understand. This will empower you to start talking about the deeper issues of your relationship and also to start working through whatever problems you have starting today so you can have the marriage you were meant to have from the beginning.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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