When you have to provide decorating services to your home then at that time window coverings are also important. Most of the homeowners at that time should be confused between which is better option for your home. Both the carpets and blinds in your home that are commonly used in homes and businesses and also helps to reduce all the heat gain and also helps to minimize sunlight and helps to increase the privacy in your home. There are so many varieties in it and they are also available in so many colors, styles and textures, but they have their limitations. At that time it is difficult to choose which best one of them is. When you are confused at that time then we suggest you that both the types of window coverings have their own advantages so at that time it is the choice of yours and your home which depends on the main purpose of the window treatment. If you’re mainly concerned with aesthetics, decorative curtains might be the best route to take. If you want to save your money on energy then at that time it is your top priority then at that time blinds are the best option. When you have to choose blinds for your windows then it helps to provide a simple and can be crafted from a range of materials which can include plastic and fabric, depending on their intended use. Blinds have can be tilted for adjustable light control. Blinds are made with a solid piece of fabric. There are also two choices first is open and close.

When you go with blinds then it can help to reduce all the visible light but they do not helps to prevent solar heat from coming inside. It helps to block UV rays or reduce fading. Blinds are deceiving because they reduce all the visible sunlight in the room, but it can also helps to capture and radiate solar heat from the glass. There are so many homeowners and businesses that don’t realize that their electric bills are high because of the heat gain and energy loss.

Cons and Pros of Blinds and Curtains:-

• When you have to choose blinds for your home then at that time you have to complete control over how much light. Blinds are come in the so many choices and when you have to choose venetian blinds in your bedroom then at that time you can pull them up so your window is completely exposed, keep them down and open them. Blinds are the main source if you want to stop the sun damage which is occurring to your furniture.

• When we talk about curtains then they not only helps to provide privacy in your home and also helps to provide block a light and heat. When they are installed on your window then it provides you a sophisticated effect and also provides drawing attention to the view. But the major cons of installing blinds are that it takes up more space than blinds, and make your room smaller. When you don’t have to provide proper care of your curtains then there is a risk of mould and staining on curtains due to the moisture in the air.

• You have noticed that over a time there is dust build up on blinds and curtains. At that time it is easy task to clean the blinds since you have to go one by one to remove the buildup but if it is hard dust then at that time you have to need your blinds to be taken down and soaked. But in the case of curtains, they can often be washed in the washing machine and they also need to be removed from the wall. But when you don’t provide cleaning then they end up looking dirty and dingy and invite so many health problems to your home.

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