I Miss My Separated Husband So Much: Tips For When You're Miserable During The Trial Separation



This is so powerful and it works if you just do it. Most people become so depressed that all of their focus is on the negative side of their separation. Look separation is not fun, but it is also not the end of the world. Staying busy and productive will help you through this situation. Remember this article is "How to make My Husband Miss Me", right? Just get busy fast. Use this time to learn more about YOU and to become a better YOU! Here are a few ideas for you. Maybe you could...

* Join a Gym
* Focus more on your Career
* Join a Church
* Yoga Class
* Set up & organize coffee with your friends weekly
* etc.


If you really want your husband to miss you, you have to give him a reason to miss you, right? What does your husband like? What made him marry you in the first place? See what I am getting at? If you were fun in the beginning than be fun again, get back to who you were and who you are and he will remember you before the pressures of a marriage took there toll. Avoid serious conversations for now and do not pressure him, he will run if you do.The good news is that you are only/maybe separated right now and not divorced yet. Don't blow it with a bunch of emotional madness.


Men love to be complimented. They have always been like that and always will. When is the last time you offended your husband by complimenting him? Thanks him for the things that he does do right. Be grateful, tell him what a great provider he is. He won't know what to think. Remember this if nothing else. "When all else fails show your gratitude to your spouse." You ultimately will get what you want so be smart but most importantly, be patient. It's a process!

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"There has been much tragedy in my life; at least half of it actually happened" - Mark Twain

You may have heard the phrase "a problem cannot be solved with the same mind that created it". Arguing and disagreements occur naturally among married couples, unmarried couples, family members, coworkers, and complete strangers. We are individuals, unique and free to express our thoughts and feelings in any way we see fit. Each of us will have a different approach when assessing a problem. With regard to marriage, couples will tend to become emotionally charged - and argue, defend and assert themselves - leading to biased and unreasonable assumptions. Regardless of differences, resolving an issue first involves learning how the tension began, without jumping to useless and baseless conclusions.

Couples tend to rely on these conclusions and justify making accusations, and assumptions - which then come out in the form of anger, resentment, hostility, tension and distrust - both directly and indirectly. When faced with verbal attacks or verbal abuse, our first response is to act in self-defense. Personal well-being has been threatened; and having to react defensively is unpleasant and justifies very bitter and hurtful language. This is the setting, or tone in which we have chosen to relate to each other. In this scenario, the tone of anger and tension will only create more animosity, disrespect, defensive language and behavior. Using this tone in attempting to communicate and resolve issues will eventually escalate into isolation or even separation from one another.

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The tone has been reset, and respect for one another has deteriorated. While anger and hostility are the only mode of communication, defensive behavior and abusive language become the expected reaction. The ability to discuss feelings and concerns regarding personal needs has become severely impaired, the result being total corruption and the sense of defeat. The question of how to save marriage has become buried in the tendency to focus on the battle, instead of seeing the war. We tend to become immersed in the moment, ignoring the irrelevance of it all, and unintentionally overlook it's insignificance in the big picture.

Having now shut themselves out from making any significant progress, they have compromised all integrity, sincerity and honesty. The foundation for any constructive or useful insight has been reduced to pointless observation. The ability to express the desire to save marriage has become subtle, irrelevant, or even unobtainable. The task of repairing this primitive language will require basic modification of behaviors that facilitate development of truly functional communication.

One of you has to take the initiative and clearly recognize that in order for the relationship to stand any chance of recovery, you first have to change the way you communicate. Volunteer yourself to be the first to admit that you both must agree to have a discussion at a time when you can engage basic issues in a relaxed, gentle, and productive manner. Step outside of your defensive routine and leave all the drama and conviction out of the arena. Recommend that your partner be the first to vent all that he or she feels and needs to be said - without all the expected negative reactions of anger, disapproval, disappointment, vengeance and so on. Make it clear that your marriage is worthy of whatever it takes to again represent the bond you share, the expression of love you have for one another, the pride you feel together, and the potential to overcome differences that are pulling you apart. Consider your differences calmly, honestly and clearly, and re-evaluate previous criticisms in a new perspective. Propose that these attributes are actually assets - and can be recognized and accepted, rather than ridiculed and rejected.

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If you find that you have even moderate success, you are well on your way to resetting the tone to a more effective and functional level in which you will re-enable natural communication. You alone, can make use of the tools to reopen the channels for trust and meaningful conversation again. You will find that it is pleasing and rewarding in acknowledging the qualities you share in common, as well as your values, which continue to expand and evolve as you have yourselves. You may realize that you admire your differences - as you did when you met. In other words, you are accepting each other for who you are - and especially for who you are not.

Obstacles which once threatened your marriage can become opportunities that can save your marriage, and enhance experience as you grow and mature in your experience together. Consider the absurdity that you may actually have fun, but be sure to draw the line at the first sign of laughter. Perhaps this illustrates what is meant - by "solving a problem with a different mind than the one that created it" - through simple awareness of the tone in which you relate to one another.

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As a young girl I always fantasied about a place where everything would be perfect, where I would be the princess kissed awaken by a handsome prince and living happily ever after. And much to my mom's chagrin my fantasies instead of dwindling were becoming stronger and stronger year by year.

You see I was pretty sure that one day my prince will come and rescue the princess somewhat like Julia Roberts is rescued by handsome Richard Gere (how romantic that was). But what I forgot was that she was Julia Roberts for one and secondly it was just a movie where the life of the characters is in the director's hands. However, my young heart never stopped dreaming and fantasising (it's an addiction).

And then I got engaged (he is the man of my dreams, but he is not at all romantic). He lived in another city so meeting every day was out of question like all my friends met their fiancé (I used to feel jealous of their fiancés). I voiced my fears to my mom and like all the wise moms this is what she tells me, "You hardly know each other so maybe he does not what to say when he calls you. But I knew my dream was shattering. Although I kept the hope, but that was my first lesson in life - there is no such thing as 'perfect' in life.

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There is no perfect man, perfect husband, and certainly no perfect marriage. In fact all that they show in the movies of living happily ever after is just for the movies. Reality is different. I am not saying that there are no happy marriages but that happiness in the marriage has to be cultivated by compromises and sacrifices.

The concept of perfect marriage is not false but it is not true also. Nobody is perfect so how can be there perfect marriages. Yet there are marriages which are called perfect. So what exactly is this perfect marriage? Perfect marriage is a marriage where both man and wife love and respect each other. They walk together yet they give enough space to each other.

To understand the concept of perfect marriage it is important to understand that marriage is not a destination on the contrary it is a journey -- journey for lifetime between a man and his woman.

After being married for last five years I can safely say that a perfect marriage is one where both man and wife has been the pillar of strength for each other, stood with each other through thick and thin and formed a bond that goes beyond words. Don't aim for perfect marriage make it perfect with your love and care.

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To foster good relationships in marriage, it is important to have forecast. Sometimes when challenges arise in a relationship those who are unable to cope choose the easy way out; and that is to breakup. To avoid this it is important to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead that are bound to rock your marriage.

Whenever problems occur, the attraction and appreciation that was once there in most cases is lost. During these times you may view your partner more of a burden than an asset. However, true love is not mere attraction. It is a choice which you have to make and stand with your partner in order to establish good relationships in marriage. I state this because it is not every day that your partner will do you good. At times he/she will make mistakes and you will have to be patient and tolerant in order for things to work out.

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Communication is the key to success relationships in marriage. When you communicate your needs, you make it easier for your partner to better understand you. You can never find a perfect spouse; therefore you must be ready to forgo what your partner cannot offer. In fact, you should always concentrate on making your spouse happy and this way you will build a health relationship.

You must also be able to appreciate your spouse by little actions that send a big message. Do not get tired of appreciating your partner if you really want to build healthy relationships in marriage. Avoid being too over-confident or taking your spouse commitment for granted. You may just end up regretting it for the rest of your life. Therefore, handle relationships in marriage carefully and you will definitely enjoy the company of your spouse.

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