“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~Anne Bradstreet

Imagine a soft, cool breeze blowing through your window and gently, gently touching your face. The gauzy curtain flutters. You hear the birds chirping outside. As you breathe in this air, you feel the cool, crispness overtake you. You let go.

You let go of the old thoughts of winter – “I can’t, there’s no time, I should, it’s too hard, it’s impossible.” As you breathe in the fresh spring air, filling yourself with lightness and energy, you let go of the weight and heaviness of the time before.

As you continue to breathe, consider: What does the fresh air bring to you? What does it allow you to feel or take in? Rather than looking at what others are doing, listening to what they are saying, comparing yourself to them, what’s true for you? Breathe in and out. What’s starting to bubble up in you? What wants to burst forth?

I’ve discovered that taking the time and space to breathe and be, opens me to new and fresh ideas. I see solutions to problems; I see possible new ways to accomplish goals and tasks.

As you breathe and connect to Source (inspiration, guidance, knowing), your ideas and dreams can become bigger. You can let go of the small should and step into the joy and lightness of what is possible. Declare:


I - connected with my inner power
CAN – give myself permission and support
DO – what is mine to do, what I want to do, what I’m drawn to do
IT – the setting of the seeds of what “I” deem to matter

All of this. All of this done with joy and lightness, simplicity and ease.

Coaching Call to Action:

What activity or ritual will connect you to the new spring energy? What will keep this flow coming to you throughout the season? A walk to see the flowers breaking through the dirt? Looking at the trees to see the red budded tips? Opening the door and pausing to listen to the song of the birds? What has you know you can do it!

Author's Bio: 

Andrea Novakowski is an executive and personal coach who has been helping clients align their professional goals with their personal values since 1997. She guides executives from strategic vision to measurable action plans, and works with high-potential employees seeking to move up in their careers. By tapping into Andrea's knowledge, tools and skills, clients are able to meld career development and personal growth to reach higher productivity and deeper levels of job and personal satisfaction. Learn more at www.coachandrea.com.