They are everywhere… at your jobs, in line at the grocery store, walking down the streets in broad daylight! If you ask how they are, they say things like “Good,” “Busy” and “Thank God it’s Friday!” They seem like normal people, but they are dead, no life force, nothing to drive their souls.

Sometimes, they appear in mirrors. Are you one of them?

I’m talking about those who go about life without a purpose and wondering what they are on the planet to be. They work to pay the bills and to keep their kids in karate practice, but they rarely search for their own passions or move beyond the walls of their predictable existence.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of living for Saturdays. We all have so much to offer and contribute: gifts and talents to be shared with the world. If life seems hard and unfulfilling, consider that you may have wandered far away from what you are meant to do, what makes your heart beat fast and what makes you glow like a jack-o-lantern all year long.

If you can tap into what you love, you can slough off your zombie-like routine and start living the spiritual adventure you were destined for. Think you missed the boat? Think again. Tama Kieves, mentor to entrepreneurs and author of This Time I Dance, says, “Trade your label for a ticket.” She left a career as a high-powered lawyer to live life off the beaten path. She says further about the process, “At first trying on new lives feels like playing make believe. But as we act out our new roles, we will MAKE BELIEF.”

Face your inner-demons: the ones that tell you nothing will ever change. You don’t have to change the world, just the small part that exists in you.

Who do you really want to be? Who is dying to get out?

Today, on Halloween, we don our costumes and become an alter ego for fun and festivity. Many of us will go back to work on Monday and take on the roles we play every day, which may also be masks of our true selves.

Today and going forward, vow to let the real you out. It might be scary to leave your safe job or a certain comfort zone for an uncertain destination. However, your life is at stake here. Is your comfort zone really that comfy? Ok, then. Grab a broomstick. Let’s fly.

Author's Bio: 

Kelly Wells is a Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach specializing in helping ambitious people who do not fit into traditional job categories. Kelly’s greatest struggle in life, finding work she loved, became her calling in helping others to do the same. She supports individuals in professional development, life purpose exploration, and creative life design. She is deeply committed to helping her clients make successful life changes and to live more balanced and fulfilling lives. To request a FREE Dream Discovery Session, visit Kelly at