I See You...a Timeless and Powerful Message

In the movie, Avatar, released in 2009, the Navi greet each other with the words, "I see you" expressed in their native tongue. This simple phrase translates into a more profound message of mutual respect and regard for one another as if you are saying "I recognize the value in you."

This same timeless message has been shared many times throughout history with the promise of great power for any who might embrace it, and for good reason.

It is the message of equality, unconditional love, and human/civil rights. Nobel Peace Prize winner and civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered this message in his world famous "I Have a Dream" speech which continues to touch the hearts of any who hear it. This is the message he dedicated his life to sharing and the message that changed the course of history in an extremely significant way.

It is the message of nonviolence, understanding, and peace such as Gandhi exhibited. Gandhi only aimed to attack injustice; never other people. He believed that the injustice itself could be resolved and that peace could occur between the offender and the defender.

It is the message of service, collaboration, and unity which is a common thread shared by all religions and spiritual teachings. When one sees the value in another, we become spiritually connected and unified. The motivation is there to serve, to lift, and to cooperate with one another.

This timeless and powerful message is that of "WE" rather than "you versus me" in humanity. It is about recognizing the equal value and significance of ourselves and others, and it empowers and inspires each one of us to be our best both individually and collectively.

I See You,
Linda McPharlin

Author's Bio: 

Linda McPharlin is a sociology enthusiast, campaigner for equality, writer, and speaker. She has developed a powerful movement called The Power in WE that aims to empower people through equality. You can visit her web site at: www.powerinwe.org for more free information.