Helen from Ohio asked me about letting herself forgive her Ex so she could move on with her life. She really wants to attract a soul mate that will not only last forever, but one that will also become more intimate with time. Many people can relate to that question. They can understand the pain they're holding on to from a past failed marriage. Coaching for your relationship, whether it ended years ago or is a current marriage can help. A few law of attraction coaching sessions specific to your relationship problems can be wonderfully helpful.

First, you need to congratulate yourself for actually ATTEMPTING to forgive your ex. That's huge. If you will set your efforts to get rid of a tiny bit each day, within a very small amount of time you'll see your energy release and dissapear. It's so important to forgive even for those of you who don't think there's anything left to forgive. Forgiveness is a process and one that releases YOU the most. Another good practice is to find some things that you love about your previous love. These things don't have to be related to the romance. Perhaps you liked the way he knew how to fix everything. Or you loved what a tightly knit group of budd?ies he has. Maybe you appreciated his grin. It can be whatever you want. The point is to start to search for qualities that you appreciated. You do this for no other reason than to shift your energy about him. You release your energy.

When you let go of previous guilt you generate space. Space to attain more of what's desired. And for all of us, what's desired is to receive more love. I coach all about releasing, clearing out and making room both physically and energetically in my FREE Video The #1 Secret to Finding and Keeping the Love of Your Dreams.

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Nanette Geiger is a relationship coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery. You can find more helpful articles on the Resource Page and books on the publications page of her website at http://www.NanetteGeiger.com.

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