Today, folks, I want to share some more of the inspiring words of my friend, marketing legend Glenn W. Turner!!...

"The first thing to remember is that you have to go to seminars. What changed my life was not listening to my neighbors and my friends, my father, my mother, and the people in my small town. If I'd listened to them, I'd have been pumping gas at a gas station, driving a taxi cab, or just working some average job.

"And there's nothing wrong being average, if you're happy. But very few people are.

"What you have to do is go to seminars. I have spent, over my lifetime, hundreds of thousands of dollars going to seminars, even though I've taken in $300 million selling my own seminar, and I've done it in five languages.

"Because at seminars you are with people of like minds—you're not around your neighbors and your friends and people who put you down, you're around people who are there for the same reason you are, to learn from the best.

"And Michael Penland, Ted Ciuba, and Dale Calvert are three of the best I've ever seen. And I'm just proud to be associated with 'em, and the fact that they let an old man like me come around and say a few words, and still keep me alive.

"Think about it, I'm 75 years young. How else can a hare-lipped, 8th grade drop-out, born in a charity ward from an unwed mother, go into 27 countries around the world, own 20 airplanes, four of 'em jets, and build 78 corporations if I didn't learn from someone other than the people I grew up with?

"So if you're not happy, if you're not successful, if you're not doubling or tripling your income, then you're simply listening to and associating with the wrong people. Sometimes it's your wife—she needs a seminar better than you do, so she doesn't drag you down. Sometimes it's your husband, and they need a seminar.

"Sometimes it's just anybody—your friends, so-called friends. So you've got to go to seminars just like you go to a revival in a church, like in the old days…I've learned that. Revivals revive you, where you can double, and triple, and even quadruple your income, or even do better than that.

"I have built over 1,000 millionaires. They're in the trucking business, they're in the gas station business. Travel America—some of my boys own that. They net $4 million a year with four truck stops. I've got real estate people, I've got doctors, lawyers, politicians— they all went to seminars.

"The people that attend the most seminars and read the most positive books like Think and Grow Rich, which turned my life around, that Ted's got in The NEW Think And Grow Rich, those are the people that succeed in this life.

"So in finishing up on this subject, if you want to double, triple, or even quadruple your income, or even better than that, you have got to go and associate with people who are doing it, not talking it."

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