For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt a little “different”. As a child, I enjoyed a rich fantasy life full of super heroes and action adventures. I always enjoyed “make believe” and I always loved to tell tall tales. What fun.

As a high school student, I convinced my parents it was a good thing to send me 1500 miles away to a military school (Fork Union Military Academy). And, I went about convincing them in the second half of my sophomore year... so I came to a new school in the middle of the school year - that was sure different. I mean... most everybody there was either there for disciplinary reasons or because their wealthy parents felt it was a good place for them to get an “edge” to be accepted to a good college. I went to Fork Union because I wanted to. I wanted to get out on my own... and play “GI Joe”. And to come in half way through my sophomore year was almost brutal - I was the new guy!

Then, after excelling in that environment and achieving a great deal... I received a full academic scholarship to a very fine liberal arts college in my home town of Beloit Wisconsin. The only problem was... after doing all that achieving, I wanted to get on to the “real world” - yeah right! I took a job as an assistant manager of the camera department in a newly opened Kmart - now how’s that for smart career planning?

But, as it turned out, that was where I had the excellent good luck to meet my future wife. She came in and asked me if I could fix her camera (she broke it on a school trip). I, of course in all my arrogance, simply replied... “No - I can’t fix your camera... but I can sell you a new one!” I’m so glad she bought my line (and the new camera). Certainly not a typical way to meet your soul mate, now is it?

And, as a young man I chased rainbows. Every great new money making idea to come around would catch my eye - and drain my bank account. So... what did I do? I decided it was time to move to Hawaii and raise a Family! Are you starting to sense a pattern here?

Now here is where the story takes a big turn... I had children. Oh my goodness did that change things for me. I finally started to grow up... and become more “normal” - trying to be a good father (which I like to think I am).

But, now... my unique ways have helped mold my children. Here’s how it is around the Peltier-Robson homestead...

We’re vegetarians, my two sons are self taught (and brilliant), we co-equally own our own family business, and we work from our home. Certainly not the most typical of lifestyles. But you know what? It seems to work for us.

So, I tell you all of this because I want you to understand (at least in my humble opinion) it’s OK to be different... to be yourself... to be unique.

And... I ask you to not be like me... be like yourself...

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Mark Peltier-Robson is the founder of P-R Posters(tm) Motivational Companies ( ). Inspiration and Motivation don't have to strike like a bolt of lightning - they can be found in the smallest of things: a gentle smile, a pat on the shoulder, or a short note of encouragement. Our products are another such venue of encouragement - inspiration and motivation that can be put on the wall, displayed on a desk, or shared with family and friends.